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Hans Tan was one of the participating designers in Droog‘s 2007 Master Pieces exhibit. His design, Vitrine of a Vase (above) is a derivative from his research on ‘The Imaginary Mass of Things’, a search for lightness in the metaphysical weight of things …

“Material objects seductively cram our lives not only physically but also mentally, masquerading as stability and meaning. In fact, this immaterial component, which may be described as the idea or the image of an object, so often overwhelms us without the actual presence of its object. Design has always been much more of an idealist discipline than a material discipline, and objects have always been seen as a secondary, material shadows of something non-material.

The vitrine is effectively an imaging device – the intrinsic function of the object is abandoned, while the image representing the object is preserved. In that sense, a vase in the glass vitrine of a museum is synonymous to one that is left decoratively empty in the living room. As a wry response to this observation, ‘Vitrine of a Vase’ floats in indistinct acknowledgment by being an object between a vase and the display of itself.”


Hans Tan graduated cum laude from IM Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, on a full scholarship from DesignSingapore. On his return home, his Hark! exhibit was part of the Singapore Design Festival. Earlier this year, he founded his own design studio.

“I focus on research and exploratory studies that yield contextual and conceptual propositions through design, with outcomes that address a broader context than an initial intent to solve a problem.”

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