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Graniph , one of my favorite T-shirt stores, started accepting entries for their second installment of the Graniph Design Awards. Last year’s edition saw them receive 25.000 works from 46 countries. Amongst the winners, was design-savvy Mark Tsi, who hyped up his tee with a solid looking ‘skullskape’ print.

“Skullskape was born in January 2007, from the fusion of random vector lines and bright digital paints. A fellow designer inspired me to take part in the Graniph Design Awards. My design stems from a series of drawings based on skulls and many nights of depression. This was the only piece that did not require my pen or the scanner, and thankfully with a little help from my friends, which gave me that edge to visualize and create. So along with many other designs which I had submitted to last year’s competition, this one earned me a bronze award. And Graniph was sweet enough to brighten my day by sending me a box full of Graniph tees with Skullskape on it in four different sizes! Having said that, a little bit of sadness works for me too.”



Hello everyone, my name is Mark Tsi aka graey dot. I have been doodling and designing since 2002, and my favorite artists are Banksy, Hedi Slimane and Andy Warhol. I am a layout and corporate designer by day and a demented artist by night. Besides drawing, I love printing on plain tees and shoes, just like painting on a blank canvas, with the only exception that it can be worn and not just displayed. One of my aspirations is to get a digital textile printer; I couldn’t get more outlandish without the right tool. Sometime later this year, I will be tasked to art direct CD covers, posters and tees for a film project. This will be one of my more challenging projects, so I’m truly looking forward to that.”

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