RSC Block Party!


It may sound crazy, but it’s a rally of good intentions, it’s local, and it will be one of the more intimate events of the year!

I am talking about Singapore’s pioneering four-day concept festival which is part of a movement that promoters hope, will raise awareness about environmental, human and animal rights issues amongst Singapore’s youth.

Organized by Rockstar Collective, Halide Pictures and supported by HOME Club, the festival will kick off on Thursday, May 1 with a free-entrance Block Party on Haji Lane. Running from 10 am till 10 pm, it will be a day of interlinked music performances, a fashion showcase by up and coming local designers, stand-up poetry recitals and more. Fans can pick from well-known bands to fresh up-starts, playing on two stages, or take on all ten bands and go right through until 10pm. A selection of well-known HOME Club mix-masters on a third stage in Bali Lane, will get you rocking.

I talk with co-organizer Chrissie Choo about the motivation, the issues and the rockstar party.



“The whole idea for this concert actually follows the formula of making a heavy topic trendy and popular, in a fun and ‘relatable’ way, so the kids will feel empowered to want to follow this awareness campaign. Let me break it down … When I was younger, the way we were asked to follow trends, was to be told to do something, and deterred with a fine. Unfortunately, due to the nature of youths needing to rebel in our formative years, to find individuality in a country with little culture, we thought it to be trendy to not do it and try to get away with it. But lately, having taught in ITE college East for about 2 years, I have discovered that the way to motivate our youths is not by telling them what to do or what to think, but to inspire them to discover it by themselves, in which, this would then take on it’s own life by them spreading their discovery amongst themselves. This was apparent to me not just with school work, but even in the other issues such as anti-drug, anti smoking and even donation of blood. Now the biggest problem was catching their attention in the first place and with local music and the arts fast on the rising, (not just local films, but music and fashion and design), due to the success of the ever growing trend of 1819’s (I “heart” SG) movement, why not use this opportunity to bring both trends to bloom.”


greenbox.jpg“The organizers being made up of animal lovers -myself being a diver and Razi Razak, a vegetarian for seven odd years- have taken special interest to animal rights issues. This is not a new issue, and admittedly it has been getting better along the years. With organizations like Save our Sharks (SOS), ACRES, SPCA and WWF and activists even based in Singapore like Wild Life Asia trying to get active with interactive activities such as the film competition, coming up again at the end of the year, I have recognized a vast improvement of locals being more empathetic to animals, with signings of petitions, actively looking for homes for unwanted pets to even the little things like not serving sharks fin soup at wedding dinners, and highlighting the reason why on the invites.

As for the Human rights part of it, one of the shops, Straits Records, will be screening videos as part of the program. The point is to not to cause a political stand point, but to inspire and empower them with the courage and will, to want to create a better lifestyle and social living environment for themselves and their loved ones. It’s the choice that they can make, not to burn themselves out in this stressful environment that Singapore tends to instill, but to chose life. Which would in turn make them want to better their own surroundings, to better the environment, that is their home planet.”


grey.jpg“The idea is to educate those that aren’t that aware and to make trendy, while catching their attention with a big bang. What better way to do this than a party that everyone would be able to enjoy, talk about and spread the news. We want everyone to come, and thus we made it free entry. The flea markets will bring in a different crown all together, but like I explained before, it is just to get in the festival feel, bring the people to the festival to be able to expose them to the motive of the movement in the first place. Furthermore, this goes in tune with our theme of using music, fashion and the arts to create awareness. When I say youth of today, I’m not saying that the older generation are out of the picture, I just believe that they are less susceptible to these changes. We’ll just leave it to their kids (the youth) to start living the green lifestyle and lead the change by example. That’s why we call it a movement.”

“Personally I think that if we stop trying to change things, even in a little way, then there would be no hope for progress. I was always taught, to do little things with great love. And with this in mind, my little thing today is to try and start this movement, the best way I know.”

Watch this space for more details!



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