Objects Around The Tablescape


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No, I hadn’t heard of d-lab™ either, but it just goes to show how surfing the net can lead to discoveries. Of course I know of designer Patrick Chia, but I had no idea of his affiliation with the Design Incubation Centre, until I stumbled across his range of Objects Around The Tablescape, which he presented at the Maison et Objet fair in Paris last month.

The collection includes beautifully made trays, bowls, plates and lights. I particularly fell for the decorative ‘Idea of A Vase’ (above) and the fluid lines of the ‘Long Centerpiece Fruit Bowl’ (after the jump).


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In a conversation with himself, Patrick dissects the title of the collection, Objects Around The Tablescape.

Why the term “objects” and not “products” or “sculpture”?
“Object” is free – it can be anything. It could come as it is. It does not come with the baggage and conforms that “product” or “sculpture” has. It does not takes positions, it is non absolute.

Why “table” + “scape” and not “desktop”?
Everything that exists has a relationship with and impacts another. A tree does not only provide shade and fresh air on a landscape, it is also a measure of seasons. It is a measure of time, a measure of space and also a measure of our existence. The object does not exist by itself. Like in the landscape – trees or grass, everything is related in time and in space.

Why “around” and not “on”?
“On” is foreign and transplanted. “Around” seems more organic and it suggests that the objects have been all along.

Please describe the concept, choice of material and process for each of the pieces.
They are what they are – nothing more, nothing less.



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