Le Monde Est A Nous: Pixelmunky in Gardensilly

Next Friday, Le Monde Est A Nous will open its sixth exhibition titled ‘Pixelmunky in Gardensilly’, featuring works by Chia Aik Beng and eeshaun. Both illustrators teamed up to unite their worlds in a delightful collision of pop art, graphics and surrealism.

“The world is ours, but we’d like it to be yours too,” says eeshaun.


An art-director by day, Pixelmunky spends his time tripping and pushing the envelope creating dreamscapes and filling them with his imaginary surreal friends.


Eeshaun, a facilitator with the School of Technology for the Arts in Republic Polytechnic, is a self-taught illustrator who enjoys the immediacy of spontaneous and whimsical drawings. To date, eeshaun has been busy working on commissioned illustrations for Nike, onedotzero, Play Imaginative and Zouk among many others. He was also recently featured in 20/20, an exhibition celebrating 20 of Singapore’s most creative talents, under the Singapore Design Festival 2007.

“Often, I try to challenge logic and perspective in my artwork, as a response to the way society is largely shaped through systematic research and planning. It is the unexpected twists and surprises in the drawing and narratives within the illustration that brings on endless amusement for me.”

Pixelmunky in Gardensilly will be on display at Night & Day gallery from 23 February until 21 March.



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