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“The Droplet design is inspired by the natural process of condensation, the sight of morning dew forming overnight and gliding off the tip of a leaf onto the greens beneath. The purpose and poetry seen in the humble process of condensation is simply beautiful, giving life to nature through its natural procedure,” says David Tham about his design.

The Droplet allows condensation on its surface through the saturating dew point of the environment, harnessing the moisture in the atmosphere as a source of watering. The droplet is surfaced with a layer of super hydrophobic coating that allows condensed water beads to congregate and glide off its surface promptly. Droplet is made of glass or steel that reacts sensitively to temperature.



David Tham is a recent graduate from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, where he earned his masters under the direction of Droog founder Mr Gijs Bakker. David is a part-time design teacher and started his own studio, StudioNorm.

“I immerse myself into the normal life, allowing the everyday norms to inspire me. I find pleasure in realizing matters of the great, and discovering the beauty and poetry of everyday, to observe simple and normal things and realize the inspirations from people, nature, its things and processes of being. I aim to achieve a fluent sense of balance between concept and function, wishful-ness and realism.”

The rest of David’s designs is well worth a visit to his site!

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