Spotted! Kouzou Coffee Table



The curvature, the simplicity and the line of the Kouzou Coffee Table work well in most environments and add a calming ambiance to any living space. The table was designed by four students from the Raffles Design Institute; Chew Kor Han, Try Budi Harso, Leo Saputre and Nicolas Relando Santoso, and received a merit award at last year’s FLIP Challenge, where participants were asked to create original furniture of artistic value using two different types of wood.

When questioned about the design, Han replies, “Our design is a combination of two architecture movements; Blobism and Modernism. The concept is a fusion of their design ethics and our inspiration for the 2007 FLIP Challenge theme, Eclecticity. Creating an interlocking of organic and geometric forms shows the simplified detail in the form and construction. The form is derived by using two different American woods interlocking each other, one creating the structure and the other creating the surface for the coffee table. Using a Chinese furniture construction philosophy, the exposed interlock joints use no fixtures, expressing similarities in thinking with Modernism styles. The interlocking joinery for the two hardwoods, results in a pure and clean style with the focus being on the form of a piece, the beauty and the texture of the wood itself.”

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