Spotted! Paul Smith Ping Pong Table


Designer, Hunn Wai created an unlikely pairing of a ping pong table and a workstation with his Paul Smith Ping Pong table. Hunn combines a sense of fun with the use of flea market finds; a second hand dining table, lace, steel and acrylic paint. Most recently his table was published in VIEWPOINT, a publication from the London-based trends-forecasting agency, The Future Laboratory.

“Much like ripping MP3’s from CD’s you bought, I’ve transplanted intrinsic details from my prized possessions onto flea market finds. Resulting in new consumed products. The reference to Paul Smith has to do with the pattern found on my Paul Smith sneakers.”


Hunn Wai graduated from the IM Masters programme of the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, under the direction of DROOG Design co-founder Gijs Bakker.

“My design philosophy is drawn towards the processes and results of collisions, combinations and fusions of materials, meanings and forms. I believe in hands-on craft-like experimentation as well as modern techniques garnered from my Industrial Design background; after all they are just tools and processes for pushing things to the next level. I am interested in the identities of everyday consumable objects and their relationships with people and their environments.”

Visit Hunn’s site for more inspirational designs.

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