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What do you get when you mix an eye-catching aesthetic, national love and fascination with mythical legends? Good-looking artsy tees designed by Reza Hasni aka Misfitsville.

“I love building and creating new characters from Singaporean myths and folklore, so my tee-shirt designs are all about these mythical legends with a modern twist. This developed into playing around with the names of certain places in Singapore. For example, I have an emotional attachment to Bukit Batok (which translates to coughing hills in Malay) and the memories I have of a particular street or place in Bukit Batok has influenced my tee-shirt designs.”


Reza has been professionally illustrating and designing graphics for five years. His self-professed penchant for the collage style of “noisy chaotic textured visuals” is evident in his print works and motion graphics. After graduation, Reza did an internship program with a tee-shirt company in the US for a few months. “I got interested in designing tee-shirts and collaborated for a while with communallove (New Zealand) and hookclothings .”

Misfitsville recently moved its characters to YOMA, and Reza moved on from tee-shirts to other platforms. “I have started animating, and my style is still pretty similar to my previous drawings even though I have infused new influences in my work. It is funny actually, because in Burmese “yoma” means a “neverland”, a no-man’s land deep in the forest.”

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