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startdrawing in GREEN is a project initiated by, a web resource portal for Asian artists, founded by Josef Lee and Sam Lay. The project kicked off in June last year and was initially named ‘startdrawing for LIVE EARTH’, inspired by the Live Earth concert. “We wanted to do our part in spreading the ‘green’ message and hence started this campaign to get artists -or even non-artists- to draw something in green. Our aim was to collect the most number of green drawings and set a world record,” says Josef.

The project was recently rebranded startdrawing in GREEN to disassociate it from Live Earth. “We are looking at injecting new life into the project,” Josef explains. “As of now, submissions are closed. However, we are looking at doing an exhibition or collecting the works into a publication. Once our new plans are finalized, we will definitely look into getting new submissions to increase our collection of ‘green’ drawings.”

A total of thirty four countries have participated in the project, rounding up nearly one hundred and fifty green artworks by more than one hundred artists, including a nice selection of Singaporean talents. All participating artists have their work featured on the startdrawing in GREEN site, so make sure to hop on down for the full run down.

We picked four entries from Singapore and found out what inspired the inspirational.

29 years old Winfred Kwan Weng Fook, aka Winfred K graduated from Temasek Poly in 1999 with a Diploma in Visual Communication. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Design from Swinburne University in Melbourne. He recently decided to venture out to Melbourne and is currently working as a senior designer/editor for a digital media agency. “I have directed and produced numerous short films and experimental projects and I am currently working on a new short film project, collaborating with local composers and musicians. I have a strong interest in design and film and although I am currently working out of Melbourne, I have a strong passion in promoting Singapore’s local film and design industry. Together with a bunch of friends, I also design and sell tees under the suppergang label at the MAAD Flea market.”

“The idea behind my entry revolves around the future of our kids. The world we are destroying today … the future, which will be our children, will suffer. Children of the future might be born with illnesses, disabilities and might not even live to see their future if we continue to harm the earth. The text in the background are the things children love to do provided the earth remains ‘healthy’. That is why I pictured the child as mother earth (with a map on its head) begging us to be saved. Save mother earth, save the future, save our children.”

Sze Sze Ong is a freelance flash designer, animator and illustrator who gets energized by being engaged in different types of flash projects, illustrations and crafts.

“My entry is a naive intepretation of the contradicting actions and claims of our human race. While we are actively encouraged to care for our environment, and go ‘au naturel’, a lot of our actions prove otherwise. We often blame the big corporations for destroying the environment and consuming too mush resources. But at the end of the day we forget that we are the reasons behind their existence.”


Junkflea is a creative division of Yucca Studio.

“Here today, gone tomorrow. An illustrative vision of the end generation.”

Yvonne Fong (aka Pinkist) is just a regular human being who loves to daydream.

“I spotted these lanterns hanging at The Heeren. My first thought was “Wow, these are lovely!” so I captured them. When I submitted the edited photograph for startdrawing in GREEN, I was just sharing that feeling and the clause of saving Earth.”



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