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kenfoo is best known for his comics, but he also has some fascinating artwork. His drawing titled ‘Innocence Lost’ is gloriously executed with brilliant expressions, and is a playful reflection of today’s societal anarchy.

Innocence Lost is about today’s world, where countries strive for a better economic existence for its people. But it’s also about the degradation of the lower social class that struggles for its livelihood. The worst hit of all, are of course, the growing younger generation. Without moral support and guidance, with a poor environment that is sometimes made worse by war, most of these children will grow up having little or no education at all. Left to the dreary and sluggish lives of adults and parents who do not set the right example, and more often than not, give little care and affection to their children, the innocence of these youths will soon be corrupted as they turn to a life of wandering the streets and making do with what they can to survive its harshness and bitter reality.”

“I am trying to depict a period in time where the kids are just about to lose what’s left of their innocence. Soon sex, drugs and crime will open its doors to them. I see beauty in such plights … the way people struggle with what seems like a wretched existence. I feel ashamed at times of somewhat exploiting such misery even though this is a type of ‘beauty’ in life which I appreciate through compassion. I feel it is through ‘knowing’ and ‘identifying’ hardships that we are able to learn about life.”


“I am a freelance illustrator and comic artist. That’s… about it.”

But kenfoo is much more than that! Have a peruse on his site for some intriguing and sometimes daring illustrations, including his albums for 18+viewers.

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