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The Fiction We Live is part of a project by Yi Lin Juliana Ong (aka Juls) titled ‘Inasmuch as Incidentally Including all the Inconsistent and Incomprehensible Instantaneous Insatiable Insanity of Indispensable Indulgences.’

The piece contains a collection of daily journal entries with random thoughts of fabricated events and actual situations. Juls explains, “Insisting dissimilarities between two or more distant ‘realities’, questions the ever so cliché theme of what reality is and perhaps an earnest stand for insanity being the cure for living. It reminds us that the world is ours to live in any stories we want to and truth isn’t all that matters. A play with typography and line-works as divisions in the white space on paper simply enhances the visual pleasure graphically to question the need for such indulgences.”



Juls graduated from Temasek Design School in 2003 with a Diploma in Visual Communications. She has been freelancing as a graphic designer and photographer. “I am currently a final year student in the Camberwell College of Arts, doing my degree in graphic design. At the same time I’m involved in side-projects as a collective in Yoma with three other friends; Reza Hasni and Sai Zom Pha, two experienced motion graphic designers, and Kristal Melson, a brilliant illustrator.”

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