TEEase by Crowning Stroke

Kick start the creative new year by taking part in TEEase, an online t-shirt design competition presented by Crowning Stroke, proudly sponsored by Tagger and supported by S.O.T Magazine.

TEEase, is an exciting 2-stage, 4-month competition launching in January 2008. The 1st round is an open theme submission where participants can toss aside all inhibitions; unchain themselves from commercial restrictions and just design. The 2nd round then sees 10 finalists working on a theme decided by the judges; their designs will upon completion be put up on www.crowningstroke.com, where the public can vote for their favourites. Designs will be judged on originality, concept and visual appeal, and the 3 top winners will emerge based on the judges’ scoring and public votes. 3 Consolation prizes will also be given out. Participants not only stand to win cash, but also head on home with attractive Tagger gear.

The wonderful people behind Crowning Stroke aim to create a platform for fresh artistic talents to be shown and discovered, allowing anyone the opportunity to get noticed. This newartist-friendly local online t-shirt design company is ardent on being artist-focused and spreading the concept of artistic freedom; its t-shirts serve as a mobile display of the artist’s work to give artists the credit and opportunities they deserve, instead of a tool of mass production.

If that sounds exciting to you, hop over to www.crowningstroke.com to find out more.



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