catmaSutra 4


Paul Koh and Michelle Chang are the artists behind a unique body of captivating cat-inspired art, popularly known as the catmaSutra series. Sexy, amusing and karmic, the catmaSutra paintings showcase pure indulgence of the artists’ pets at play and at rest. While Paul roots around pop culture to pull out treasures that encapsulate the irreverence and bold spirit of himself and his cats, Michelle continues, from dot to point to spot, to create luxuriously-relaxed worlds that are as free-spirited as they are magical.

Paul has been drawing ever since he was a child. “Growing up with cats means that it’s a matter of time and experimentation before my two passions become instinctively linked” Paul explains, “I have experimented with different forms of expressions -from portraiture and figurative to pop and abstract- before finding the ‘catmaSutra’ series. For me, catmaSutra is about telling a happy story, a reminder to see the positive side of things, and even possibly the magic in between. I take stuff that we commonly come into contact through our surroundings, the media, etc. and present a moment in a story that is personal and yet universal. I’m fascinated with the flow of energy that vibrates in between, that blurs the line between reality and myth, between the power of everyday and the power of imagination. I conceptualize catmaSutra as part of this in-between world. The ‘eyes-wide-shut’ and irrepressible ‘ear-to-ear’ grins of the cats are representative of this energy – that in spite of life’s imperfections, there is always a positive side, good enough for a smiley face any time! It’s almost like the graphic novel/movie “V for Vendetta” with the mask taking on an important symbolic value. Specifically, catmaSutra translates to this particular childlike innocence cum devil-may-care bravado, reinforced with a deep sense of self-belief and unpretentiousness.”


catmaSutra 4 is a new series of paintings by Paul opening tomorrow. Utterly Art will present his new works in an exhibition which will continue through December 23. When asked about the exhibit, Paul had this to say: “catmaSutra 4 is about creating a world that exists between our memories and reality – an ‘in-between’ world, filled with magic that suddenly grabs us, tickles us and remember things that don’t necessarily fit neatly anywhere. Each of my works has Halo or Angel as the motif, be it in a Singapore ‘kopitiam’ or on a mysterious diving board high up in the sky. In each of my paintings, the cat serves as a gateway to a quirky and irreverent world that allows us a momentary freedom to dream and make time stand still.”

You can visit the catmaSutra 4 exhibit from 13 to 23 December at Utterly Art, 229A South Bridge Road 2nd Level.



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