Le Monde Est A Nous: Hard And Soul

Opening this week at the Night & Day gallery, is “Hard and Soul”, an exhibition featuring snippets and moments from the inner world of artists Michael Ng and Andy Yang.

Andy draws his images and raw energy from his talent as an artist and illustrator and from his background in music. Michael shares some reflective moments with paintings which he created based on doodles and words from his journals. “Art and drawings that are infused with heart and soul are fascinating and very often the sketches can be more interesting than the finished piece of work.” says Michael.

Michael Ng aka Mindflyer is a self-taught full-time illustrator. Apart from actively producing commercial work, he is most happy doodling, painting and extending his vision of ‘mindflying’ or collaborating with like-minded artists. His personal work is often surrealistic and is peppered with wings, flying devices, quirky apparatus and with a liberal dose of melancholy. A serious serial escapist and ‘delineator’ with a quirky style, Michael is always busy pursuing that illusive “face” in his mind that refuses to be drawn.

Andy is an all-in-one illustrator, artist and father. Drawing and fiddling with different media has been his passion for the past six years. Commercial work aside, Andy is also a passionate artist who thrives on exploring his personal style and experimenting with multiple media. His most recent solo exhibition titled ‘Attachments’ was on view at The Asylum in February 2007.

“Hard and Soul” can be felt and seen between 7 December and 7 January at Night & Day Gallery, 139 Selegie Road.



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