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Although I primarily live by anything electronic, I can never resist picking up a notebook with a well designed cover. In fact, I am the multiple-notebook-type, and I generally keep them in my handbag and around the house, and use them as a run-off for observations, random thoughts and more recently for jotting down things I remember I need to do the next day.

Last week I came across hëage‘s notebooks and I was immediately floored by his amazing fantastical illustrations. His images are rendered with a beautician’s attention to lovely make-ups and facial details, in particular the ever-sparkling eyes. Each notebook cover is printed on shimmering fancy paper and comes with a specially designed theme sticker.


Herman Yap aka hëage started his career as a graphic designer in 1998. His keen interest in illustrations did not stop at work; many of his works have won him awards and have been featured in newspapers, magazines and even in three fashion illustration books; Madonna in Art, Imagemakers: Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustrations and Big Book of Fashion Illustration.

Says Herman, “Much of my work elaborates on memories of people and places I have seen. I create flights of fancy that vividly project my personal belief that design depicts individuality. My digital illustrations are a combination of photo-montaging and vector lines, as if they were taken from a dream.”


Herman will be participating in the Ozmosis 2007: “Design As A Cultural Artefact”exhibition from 2 Dec – 12 Dec at the National Library.

Celebrate Christmas with heage! is Herman’s self-financed Christmas project since 2004 whereby he shares his art – in hardcopy greeting card form – with anyone in the world – postage paid. All you need to do is email Herman your mailing address and you will receive his specially illustrated Christmas card.

Spotted! is a digest of fly work by fresh off creatives.



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