Spotted! A Beautiful Christmas Card



I’m a big fan of these one-of-a-kind, multiple-use holiday cards, especially since they come with removable ornaments.

A Beautiful X’mas Is What You Make Of It‘ is a collaboration between designer Jonathan Yuen and B.G. Tan. A deck of four cards is housed in a custom designed package. Pieces from each card can be plucked out to form reindeer, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree and even a snowman. The cards are deliberately designed as a blank canvas, to encourage the recipients to use their imagination and creativity to personalise it. “We felt a need to create a Christmas card that is not just ‘another card.” says Jonathan. “You can write your personal greeting messages on the cards and eventually on the figurines, making an interesting and unique typographic motif. Or, children could color the cards and make figures to their own colors and pattern, and form a snowscape with Styrofoam beads. In essence … A Beautiful X’mas Is What You Make Of It.”


Jonathan Yuen is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer who wants ‘to touch someone’s heart with design’.

Copywriter by day, babysitter by night, B.G. Tan loves a good idea anytime.

The limited edition cards are available from The Asylum.

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