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Model: Dinara

Pablo Picasso once said ‘Beauty? To me it is a word without sense because I do not know where its meaning comes from nor where it leads to.’

Young fashion designer Elvin Tan created a dress which he aptly named Extreme Beauty. ‘The design is inspired by people suffering in the name of beauty,’ he says. ‘In the pursuit of beauty there is pain. In the Victorian era it was the ultra-small waists, and corsets were used to painfully reshape a woman’s body. In Africa beauty required piercing and scarification. So, I believe beauty is an endless topic and the willingness of a person to suffer to achieve beauty will never change. People will always try to do something in order to achieve the standard of beauty, from eyebrow plucking to extreme plastic surgery. Anyway, nothing is beautiful or ugly in itself. Beauty lies in the beholder’s eye.’


My name is Tan Chee Yap but you can call me Elvin. I am from Malaysia but am currently studying BA (hons) Fashion Design at the Raffles Design institute. I won a few awards in 2006 including winner of best fashion wear for “MODA unity”, winner of the Mickey T-shirt DIY contest at the “Flex Your creativity T-shirt Designing contest” (Malaysia). I was also one of the ten finalists in Levi’s 501 DIY jeans contest, and finalist in the 2007 Vodafone id Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards in New Zealand. I’ll be graduating on 13 December, so I’m busy working on my graduation collection.

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  • Elvin

    hello, we have the same name, hahaha

  • Elvin

    hello, we have the same name, hahaha


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