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‘When realism is too much to take and cumbersome routines become tasteless, the human mind dwells upon a collective of analeptic thoughts; assimilating one’s being into a whole other dimension; a hypnotic illusion of which the mind and soul becomes part,’ says Azly Jacaz aka The Bastard Movement and continues, ‘It is with this illusion that the mind seeks recluse, an exhilarating force of reinforcement to one’s well-being; to be what it wants to be as opposed to what it has become.

Lila was created with this in mind. She is a mediocre damsel whose solace is attained by transcending into a state of hypnosis, constructing images of rainbows within the mercy of spring, where flowers blossom and colours abound; an austere quest for psychological betterment, regardless if it’s anything but relevant by society’s norm. Says Azly, ‘I believe that you do not see what you do not look for, thus, without desideratum, we are not inspired and without inspirations, we are without perspective.’


Growing up in a socio-political arena that is defined more as a marriage of convenience, I have found my way into solace through expression via art. I think thoughts that are best interpreted through a visual blend of whatever suits, and my works are the product of a spontaneous state of mind oppressed through years of propagandist conformity, that have seemed to diminish as maturity sinks in. I don’t care what people think about my work. All I need is my desktop, Mr Photoshop (which is an illegal copy by the way) and maybe perhaps a little dose of porn, and I am ready to rock and be fuckin’ stoned.

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