Spotted! Bambu Table Lamp


Green is the colour of nature. It is vibrant and alive and it represents growth. Bambu is a table lamp whereby the light intensity is increased by extending, or “growing” the lamp. It caters to the different scenarios when different light intensity is required. In the default position, it acts as a night light with its soft glow, but when stronger lighting is needed, you can simply twist the inner core to adjust the intensity. Says designer Zhen Qi, ‘This introduces a much more interactive way of controlling the light; there is a stronger connection between user and product. It also results in an unfixed form that is different with each change in position. The beauty of nature lies in the asymmetry and ever-changing spirit, the balance of complexity and simplicity, and these are what influenced the design of Bambu.’


Zhen Qi is open to different types of design, but is mostly into graphic and furniture design. ‘I believe in the mantra “form is function” and that a good design means the right balance of both. I am particularly interested in how design can go beyond simply providing a solution and create an emotional connection between user and product. I appreciate simplicity and subtlety, and I am continuously incorporating these qualities into my design style.’

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