Spotted! Animasical Fashion


Photography: Marie Lee – Model: Jasmine – Make-up: Francine Zhang

‘Animasical is my very first complete collection,’ Kellie Koh explains, ‘I was inspired by The story of Noah’s Ark, and my little brother Aston’s drawings. Four animals are depicted: the Zebra, Giraffe, Tiger and Elephant. It all began when I discovered Aston’s love for drawing. One day, I happened to chance upon some drawings of animals seen through his scatterbrained imagination. I decided to use his fat butt zebra named Zeeton , his short necked Giraffe named Raffey, his cutesy pinkish tiger named Igton and his thinnish elephant named Eleton as the inspiration for my textiles, colour palate and the construction of my designs.’


Kellie Koh recently popped out of school with a BA (Hon) in Fashion Design from LASALLE College of the Arts. ‘I am God’s creativity in motion, and I hope to share my whimsical illusions by believing every piece of my design speaks for itself in the name of happiness and joy. I want to put a smile on everybody’s face.’

With her passion for learning, design, and her fascination with colours and textiles, she is currently pursuing a second degree in Textile Design at Central St Martins, London. ‘Colour is the key factor in my designs and being able to study at Central St Martins is giving me a chance to learn the different techniques for creating colours and fabrics from scratch.’

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