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Tagger bags were created by Dutch media artist and designer Peter van Veldhoven in 2003 and are made of truck tarpaulin. The messenger bags are completely (re-) customizable by clicking the strap and sticking the flap with buckles and velcro. The flap is a great surface, enabling artists to personalize the bag with their artwork. For the launch of their Singapore store earlier this year, Tagger invited artists to make a unique Tagger bag and paintings which are now on display in the store.

Visual artist, Luthfi Mustafah aka The Killer Gerbil was one of the artists. He briefly talks to Culturepush about his collab with the company. ‘I was approached by Tagger Singapore before the opening of their store to paint a mural that incorporated both my character and the bags. After the mural, I was invited to become part of the Tagger Singapore crew to represent them for live painting and customizing shows and to rock their cool bags and products.’


I have been creating The Killer Gerbil character since 2003 as an alter ego; a street rat that kills empty spaces with colors and forms. I was inspired by my pet gerbils, by street culture and urban art, and my work can be found on different surfaces using all sorts of mediums. Without any hidden or serious agenda behind my art, my world is nothing but fun and for the masses to easily identify and embrace the character. Apart from painting live and customizing actively for Tagger Singapore, I’m currently working on a project with Nike Singapore and conducting graffiti workshops in schools. I am also working on customized Killer Gerbil Tagger flaps which will available from the Vivocity store. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and spending way too much money on eBay.’

Spotted! is a digest of fly work by fresh off creatives.



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