Designed in Singapore

‘During my younger days, I witnessed that a lack of belief in local design shadowed the brilliance of Singaporean designers. Most people with an arts or design education did not pursue a related career because design lacked mass appeal.’ With that in mind Marcus Chiang, started Designed in Singapore, a must-hit shop for people with a knack for edgy, forward motion products, designed by local talent.

Marcus brought in an array of local designers, most of which border on the unknown. The handpicked designers are anything but mainstream, proving that you don’t have to be huge to make a huge impact. Marcus explains, ‘Currently we carry fifty eight designers, or maybe it’s fifty nine? Anyway, we are pretty ‘picky’ in our selection process. We want progressive, conceptual, good quality products made by designers who believe in what they make.’

In addition to the three main sections of the store (space, wardrobe and lifestyle), Marcus also created a pop-up space that caters for young talents who want to test the marketability of their products.

Designed in Singapore, 24 Mohamed Sultan Road. For more information, go to their website.



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