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Lim Si Ping designed ‘Rise Design’ for Tiger Translate, Tiger Beer’s movement to support Asian’s emerging generation of creative talents. Ping explains, ‘Tiger Beer has risen from a local beer to an international brand widely recognized throughout the world. I wanted to use the brand’s success and its famous symbol of a Tiger to reflect Singapore’s success in developing into a first world country. While the young Singapore had a very difficult beginning struggling for independence, its people have always been tenacious and forward-looking. Tiger Beer’s contrasting colour theme of orange and blue is applied in this design; the high-rise buildings make a perfect colour and height contrast against the orange roof tops of suburb shophouses built during the early beginning years of Singapore. This reflects how we have advanced from a third world country to a first world country.’


I am a freelance designer and a full-time student at LASALLE, College of the Arts. I began freelancing at the age of eighteen, and have worked with both local and international clients. My works have been published in various design books and magazines such as Web Designer Magazine (UK), Computer Arts Magazine (UK), Tiger Translate (Hong Kong), and the German-based design book, Sushi.

Says Sam Gilbey, Art Critique of Computer Arts Magazine, ‘Lim Si Ping is considered to be one of the twenty up-and-coming illustrators that will break new ground in the international design industry with the vision to move illustration forward.’

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