The Cuckoo Couture Design Awards

What do Wet Dreams, Purity, Beautiful Distortion and Auschwitz Camp have in common? They’re among the Cuckoo Couture designs that will rule the runway at The Butter Factory this Saturday at 10.30pm. The Cuckoo Couture Design Awards is an annual infinitely quirky fashion event organized by The Butter Factory in conjunction with Singapore Fashion Week 2007.

Culturepush slips backstage for a peek at the eye-grabbing collection of kooky creations that were undeniably ‘fashion-as-art’.

Remember when we were told never to mix red with pink or brown with blue, and when we wore things right side up and right side out? Well, all such rules were thrown out the window by the ten finalists of the Cuckoo Couture Design contest. Just imagine a 3D toyman sewn onto a paint splattered a-line dress, guitar shaped boots on a chiffon dress reflecting today’s punk rock music community. Add bright pink spider net stockings to black stilettos and an ankle shackle with a chain attached to a ball, and you begin to get the idea …

The Cuckoo Couture Design Awards Show, 20 October, 10.30 pm at The Butter Factory.



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