Spotted! The Mitotis Chair


‘Form follows function’ is a direct, critical statement to describe furniture. A chair would always be a chair. A table would always be a table. Regardless of how furniture is designed, their outward appearance merely changes but their primary function remains. Despite such overly superficial exploration, the question next is, could a piece of furniture still be special with its very initial simple, archetypal ‘look’ and own a special identity all in one. This sets the objective of the ‘Mitosis Chair’ project.

The ‘Mitosis Chair’ consists of a wooden structure and inner glass chair, where it makes use of the simple ‘drawer mechanism’ to reveal the hidden glass chair within the wooden core. The deliberate use of solid wood and fragile glass is to reflect the schizophrenic nature of the design and achieve the intended reactions of surprise and doubt. The chair, therefore, is a satisfactory design outcome. Click here for a visual on how to ‘use’ the chair.


Zhang Lihui

Zhang Lihui was found to be artistically inclined since young by being constantly caught for vandalising the walls of the living room. She wanted to be an artist but eventually self-discovered to be more suited to become a designer by graduating in 2006 from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in ‘Furniture Design’. Lihui describes her own design style to be basic, plain, yet with a dash of intrigue and humor and prefers to work on own designs through model-making, implying self to be a more visual individual. She appreciates iconic designers of past and present like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Jasper Morrison and Droog Design, just to name a few, and regards the best moment of the day to be between the magic hours of 1am and 4am ‘when it is all so perfectly quiet for anything that could possibly happen’. Lihui mostly reads guides of subjects of interests, self-improvement and children story books, with the occasional dose of architecture and design magazines, to supplement any possible design concepts. She listens to almost all genres of music, depending on what her mood craves for, and to Indie music radio stations for a refreshing perspective of music.

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