The Magical Spaces Project

Photograph: 5Ft Creatives

Ask me about my ‘magical spaces’ in the city and I will tell you it depends …. on a personal experience, a memory, or even a poignant story. But as the ring of residential and commercial towers continues to rise, my ‘magical spaces’ which are tucked away amidst all the construction, have become almost imperceptible.

Responding to a column* in The Straits Times where journalist Hong Xinji spoke of ‘the erasure and eradication of Singapore’s magical spaces’, 5Ft Creatives launched the Magical Spaces Project in an attempt to build a ‘collective memory of the magical spaces in Singapore’.

Part art project and part architectural research, the project was aimed at finding out the meaning of a Magical Space, which they describe as ‘a place that holds memories and emotional treasures’. The project involved passing along notebooks to friends and strangers, asking them to ‘express their feelings for their magical space.’ The notebooks were collected on 31 August. They have been published in a book of the same title, and will be part of the ‘Asylum for Magical Spaces’ exhibition at the end of October.

Your turn: Do you have a ‘magical space’? Do tell … leave a comment.

‘Asylum for Magical Spaces’ runs from 31 October to 14 November at The Asylum.

* ‘When sentiment can make an unremarkable space magical’ by Hong Xinji, The Straits Times, May 11, 2007.



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