TRIBE, Pettable Design

TRIBE Hanger

Picture the following products: bird cage coasters, purring cat hangers and wiggly dog hooks cum mirrors. These eye-catching, pet inspired accessories represent the work of TRIBE, a new breed of design studio, that creates stylish home and lifestyle accessories with an extra finishing touch.

And although the designers in the team are grounded in graphic design, they yearn to explore the different realms of design outside of print graphics, and into the territories of product design. Wan Chin explains, “We are passionate about living and breathing design in everyday life, which is also a reason why we embark on this journey. We strongly believe in the value of, and set out to conceptualise, original designs. We also aim to produce our products locally wherever possible.”


TRIBE recently presented their first collection called Plastico Fantastico, a line of clever and unexpected accessories with a fun twist, in which animals are the keen protagonists. “Our design process is often sparked off by daily quirks, inspirations and experiments. For this collection, we drew inspiration from an obsession with plastic and our love for animals. We used silhouette design to capture the animal’s action, a moment frozen in time. We are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with new, more creative ideas so some are purely whimsical, and some fuse form and function, but always having the highest aesthetic consideration. Not to follow a specific genre of design or material, we place emphasis on art and passion, together.“

TRIBE, Coaster

TRIBE is already working on their next line of products which will be launched in the fall. Says Wan Chin: “We’re experimenting with different materials, production techniques, forms and structures to see if we can produce something totally different from the first collection. But the products will still be mainly home and lifestyle accessories; functional for everyday use yet aesthetically unconventional. The main challenge we face in Singapore is the lack of suppliers and manufacturers for the materials and for doing prototyping. So at the moment it’s a bit of an uphill task.”

TRIBE products are available from Dulcetfig, 41 Haji Lane, or from their online shop.



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