Launch of Shikisai: A T-shirt Exhibition

Shikisai T-shirt

Not that I’m a T-shirt maven, but when I heard that BooksActually was hosting an exhibition of the Japanese T-shirt project Shikisai (co-presented by Crop Design), I decided to pop by to check it out for myself.

The exhibition promised “different possibilities of T-shirt design under the restrictions of ‘the black print on a white T-shirt'”. This translated into a display of 10-12 white T-shirts, each one adorned with a pencil-like black sketch with an additional element hand-sewn onto the garment. For instance, the very first design in the series was the “meta T-shirt”: a white-T-shirt, carrying a sketch of a T-shirt, with a tiny size tag sewn onto the drawn T-shirt.

One of my favourites, though this is maybe the nostalgia speaking, was the Reversi design.

Shikisai T-shirt

I played hours of Reversi/Othello as a child and I like the symmetrical neatness of this design. On the other hand, as my friend Suzie pointed out, they didn’t stitch the actual reversible game pieces onto the T-shirt — these pieces are either all-black or all-white only.

All T-shirts on display are on sale, exclusively at BooksActually, and range from $85 to $120 (or thereabouts). From what I saw tonight, the owners’ll even let you pop into the bathroom to try on the T-shirt for size. Check it out before the exhibition closes on 8 September.



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