Spotted! Jing Yuan Lim

Today you should have a look at the info-tastic work from Jing Yuan. She’s a film graduate from poly, but after a couple of years in the field, Jing Yuan quickly realized it wasn’t really her thing and enrolled on a Design Communication course at LASALLE. Since then, her passion for Graphic Design has grown into an obsession.

“I have a keen interest in layouts and infographic design. I find infographics particularly interesting because it can help to transform what seems to be an awful lot of dull and boring information into something engaging and appealing, and at the same time, successfully conveying a message. As for layouts, I think it is an important aspect of design as it helps to set the tone and direction of a certain design. I am definitely still learning the craft and hoping to hone and improve my skills as a graphic designer each day.”

Spotted! Sandra Goh

Sandra Goh holds a Graphic Design diploma from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and she just graduated from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT-GSA), majoring in BA(Hons) Communication Design. The girl’s enamoured with typography and prints and wouldn’t mind spending the rest of her life in the company of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

The Mama Shop is Sandra’s final year project done in collaboration with the SG50. “It’s objective is to evoke emotions and trigger memories of the ‘Mama Shops’ which is one of Singapore’s local iconic heritage that is soon becoming part of our history due to change and modernisation. The project showcases a self-built Mama Shop, carefully designed with many nostalgic characteristics from the olden days back in the 1940s which will guarantee you a blast to the past upon entering the installation. It is also paired with multiple limited edition collectibles and designed collaterals.”

Banner Shuffle: Juria Toramae

Shore Explorers, Sentosa Island (2014), a beautiful photograph from the “Points of Departure” series by Juria Toramae.

Spotted! Adam Ng

YouTube Preview Image

“We often look at situations on a surface level. My work tilts the angle just a little,
so that you can see it in a different perspective.”

Adam Ng has just graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA (HONS) Degree in Animation Art. He refers to himself as a 2D Artist who wears many hats. To us, he’s a designer with bags of talent.

“My work is defined by direct and effective communication, a minimalist aesthetic and high impact compositions. My forte is in art-direction, storyboarding and character design. History, culture and the human condition are huge inspirations. I believe there are many lessons that we can learn from the past and translate these concepts into animation, an entertaining format many can enjoy.”

Click here to have a rummage through the rest of Adam’s portfolio.

Spotted! Kevin Susanto Ngo

NEWater Collection

Identity Collection

Choice Collection

Economy Collection

Fresh from a diploma in 3D Design (Jewelry Design) at NAFA, Kevin Susanto Ngo presents his Singapore Time-Lapse Collection which places the country’s achievements under the spotlight.

“The collection commemorates Singapore’s accomplishment in creating a decade time-lapse for the country after its independence in 1965, materializing the period by bridging the events that happened during the ten years interval. It is a comprehensive label that includes the NEWater Collection, Identity Collection, Choice Collection and Economy Collection.  Inspired by time-lapse photography, the collections act as snap shots to document Singapore journey in the continual progress of existence in the past, giving the nation a glimpse of the successful and difficult checkpoints through the ages.”

Kevin was the first runner-up for La Putri Outstanding Jewellery Designer Competition in the academy year of 2013. He was also the second place runner-up for Accademia Riaci International Art & Design Competition and awarded with Accademia Riaci Scholarship in 2014. His collections have been presented at the NAFA Diploma & Degree Graduation Fashion Show 2014 and exhibited at Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014.


Spotted! Nur Khairiani

Meet Nur Khairiani, the next of our GSA Class of 2015  BA (Hons) Communication Design graduates. Khairiani is clearly passionate about illustration and loves to work on conceptual pieces.

About her project: “The title of my FYP is “Dependence”, highlighting the vulnerability and fragility of a child in a situation which is sometimes beyond the control of the adult. The whole idea stems from research on misogyny. Misogyny is a form of mentality which develops at a young age and where often men prejudice against women or even objectify them. This can lead to a dysfunctional family situation. But In reality, every misogynist was once a child. There is no good and evil to this as humans learn to develop over time by growing up in a certain culture and environment. But in every dysfunctional home lies a story and often children are the silent witness, thus my series focuses more on the children. What sets them apart is who the stronger children are which can be a pillar of support to the weaker children.”

Spotted! Evelyn Yong

Since graduating from Visual Communication at Singapore Polytechnic, Evelyn Yong worked as an in-house Multi-Media Producer for a year before starting the Communication Design program at the Glasgow School of Arts Singapore.

At GSA, Evelyn had a chance to play around with different forms of mark-making processes, ended up choosing Scanography, and we’re glad she did.

About her FYP: “Fifty-Five Seconds is a collaboration with a well-known Butoh Dancer, Syv Bruzeau, whom I liaised with during an art exhibition. Based on an inquiry through the scanner as a camera tool that alters our perception through the eyes of technology, the ordinary scanner is taken into an unfamiliar context, extending from a two-dimensional form to a three-dimensional perspective. The Scanner Obscura allows the viewer to explore the precision of the Butoh dancer’s slow organic body movement, expanding their spatial perception of reality between the dancer and her interactive space. The direct copy of the body being compressed through time and space as visual scores in sequence of time, changes the way the aesthetic beauty of body form is often perceived.”

Interested in trying out this new form of photography? Pop by the GSA Degree show at the National Design Center until 26 June. Evelyn has a Scanner Obscura Photo Booth displayed for you to try.

Spotted! Leon Yeo

Starting today we give you a lowdown on some of the bright young things we spotted at The Glasgow School of Art Singapore Degree Show which opened yesterday at the National Design Centre.

Leon Yeo is a graduating student from the BA, Communication Design program. His FYP “Wisdom. Creation. Design” is a study on the cross relationship between Chinese philosophy, art and graphic design, combining Eastern calligraphy and Western influences such as Jackson Pollock’s famous “drip paintings”.

“Dao” 道 has been accumulated for centuries and remains strong and pertinent to the world today. It is a complex and intriguing philosophy that has many branches and colors. This project is an analysis of the similarities and differences between the principles held in Daoism, Art and Graphic Design. The concepts derived from my research are presented through several examples, including the following design principles from the past to present – Unity, Nature and Wu Wei (The act of non action). The purpose of this project also serve as a bridge, which links concepts of art and graphic design with Daoism and visualizes the main text of “the book of way” and makes this classic literature easier to understand to find new levels of abundance in design solutions. This will allow for young designers to experience the essence of Daosim and experience a new way to approach the design process and understand the potential of good design. Designers may even discover a fresh view attitude in their life and find their own “Dao” known as way of life and own enlightenment.”

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