Spotted! Nico Lim

Nico Lim is a 22-year-old Graphic Designer/student working on her degree at the London College Of Communications. The featured project is Nico’s submission to the YCN European Student Awards, for the artisan paper company Fedrigoni, and takes inspiration from the movie Interstellar and the theory of Black Holes. Nice!

Random Blends 2015 : Inter (_____)

Scrap Snag by Lim Ying Hao Vincent, Darius Foo Tsien Wei, Janell Tan Shi En and Lee Gim Koon.
With the efficient government taking over the role of recycling old items and keeping the city clean, Karang-Guni men increasingly face difficulties in sustaining their livelihoods. Scrap Snag is an interactive role-playing game that allows players to compete against “government personnel” by bringing recyclable ideas back to the “central recycle station” under a time limit.

The Loneley Flag by Ng Kwok Yang Paul
The Lonely Flag is a short excerpt that seeks to reflect the changing attitudes of Singaporeans towards the displaying of the national flag during National Day. In recent years, there has been a declining trend in the number of households who exhibit their flags during National Day. In scrutinising this trend, the author hopes to challenge readers to contemplate the significance of displaying the flag, and questions if this overt display is indeed nothing but a meaningless ritual.

Mini-ons of Manhattan by Jeremy Chan, Joshua Wong and Yap Yoke Ling
Mini-ons of Manhattan is a light-hearted and engaging spoof using humour to critique and poke fun of the commonly-used tropes found in Hollywood movies, specifically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tongue-in-cheek language and drawing, alongside the less-than-serious script, are the fundamental building blocks of the sequential art piece, and the piece is meant to entertain, according to its creators.

World Poverty Map by Goh Raphael
World poverty remains one of the biggest threats facing humanity in the modern day. This infographic sheds light on the different levels of poverty faced around the world, and shows how trends in different regions have changed over time. At the same time, it challenges readers to relook the global rich-poor gap and question if more can in fact be done to bridge the existing gulf.


Next Saturday will see the opening of Random Blends 2015,  the National University of Singapore’s annual Communications and New Media (CNM) student showcase. In conjunction with SG50 and NUS110, this year’s exhibition celebrates kampong nostalgia and technological innovation.

“The artwork revolves around the theme “Inter (_____)”, which focuses on audience interactivity and meaning making. Exhibits include games, application prototypes, infographics, comics and photograph series. Alongside art pieces contemplating Singapore’s past, present and future, the exhibition will also feature prototypes incorporating interactive new technology such as Google Cardboard, a virtual augmented reality tool, and iBeacon estimotes, exciting location-aware mobile technology.”

Random Blends opens on 4 April and runs until 6 April at the ArtScience Museum.

Spotted! Alexa Ong

Delightful illustrations from art director and self-taught illustrator, Alexa Ong. Each image in her Lítill Skógur (Little Forest) series is inspired by mystical ecosystems, and manages to tell a unique little story about Alexa’s desire to dwell in a forest, far away from reality.

This is the second series produced under Alexa’s Wood&Lead brand, combining her craft and storytelling skills in an attempt to bring a pinch of her magic to the masses.

I wouldn’t half mind living in the little house under the bell jar depicted in the botanical tea towel. Care to join me?

Juria Toramae’s Points of Departure

Once Upon a Picnic, Changi

Shore Explorers, Sentosa Island

The Junk-Yacht: One Of A Kind

Sandcastles Before Hawksbills Hatchlings Emerge, East Coast Beach

“Points of Departure explores questions relating to memories, familiarity and displacement, by looking into what people choose to document, keep and remember.”

In August 2013, we featured Juria Toramae’s photographic series called Temporality as part of the NOISE Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition. The series has now been expanded into a bigger project with support of the Singapore Memory Project and the IrememberSG fund, and will premiere on April 1 with an exhibition at The Promenade.

“The series draws reference from the sea as a constant as well as a repository of photographic articles as memory artefacts, indicative of their location at the time. These artefacts are then reconstructed and interwoven, to form new narratives reflecting flaws and imperfections of memory. In collaboration with Jerome Lim, the exhibition further incorporates an audio-visual installation inspired by a selection of memories from the islands which have been included in this publication. Through this exploration, the artist seeks to embark on a journey to understand the nature of belonging.”

Points of Departure opens April 1 at The Promenade, Level 10 of the National Library Building (Singapore) and runs through 28 April. On 11 April there will be an artist talk and exhibition tour. Follow the link for details.

Juria is constantly looking for stories and photographs, old and new, of the sea, beach and islands. Hit her up at or via the project Facebook page.

Spotted! TC

TC, one of the original founders of Collateral Damage Studios, has moved on to greener pastures after nurturing a new generation of creators and churning out a plethora of fan publications, along with two original compilations and a public gallery exhibition in Singapore.

However, that hasn’t stopped the elusive creator from exploring new styles and trends in the fan art world; from air-bending avatars to heavily armed schoolgirls and tattooed ponies.

If quirky, whimsical and colourful is your favorite style of poison, TC’s got that in spades and oodles.

More of his work on PIXIV or Tumblr.

Take Two drops debut EP in April

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Prolific indie rockers Take Two, will be releasing their debut EP titled ‘PAIRS’ on the 18th of April 2015. T​outed to be their most elaborate show yet, the EP release showcase will have the band playing their singles, “Always Been Right Here” (#1 on iTunes Singapore Alternative Charts and #5 on the Singapore Charts) and “In Your Arms” (released 7 April 2015), with fellow indie darlings Stopgap as main support.

About Take Two
Contributing members of society by day, indie pop­rock outfit by night ­ leading a dual life is the name of the game for Take Two. Formed in late 2012, the 5­piece band started out as a bunch of college friends goofing around with instruments in a dark and dank jamming room.

Influenced by Brit­rock, jazz, and indie pop, Take Two brings to you their own blend of guitar­driven musical incarnations, full of crafty chord work and foot­stomping grooves. Two successful singles and multiple overseas festivals later, they still goof around with their instruments regularly, albeit with quite a few more people watching them onstage.

About the EP
‘PAIRS’ started out as a play on the band’s name. And while it still brings about a little chuckle (or, depending on your disposition, an eye­roll), the band has grown to realize that music for them is becoming an incurable obsession. A culmination of two years of musical exploration by the band, it is the sum of all their trials and tribulations as they juggle their multiple identities. Each song’s musical motif is often juxtaposed against its relative major or minor keys at various points. Lyrically, Paddy slips in little self­references to other songs on the EP. The end result is a testament to the band’s musical ability – a collection of five richly instrumented indie pop tunes, with each song sounding different from the rest.

Event Details
18 April 2015 at the Aliwal Arts Centre
Tickets go on sale on the 19th of March 2015, 9am at

Spotted! Kay Cee

Kay Cee will graduate from Entertainment Design this May and she makes work that features quirky girls, cutesy animals and pretty boys. “Before I started this course I worked as a caricature artist and colourist for a comic book company. I was also involved in Association of Comics Artists Singapore. I have my world of stories and characters waiting to be written out, but I guess that will have to wait until after school.”

Spotted! Rebecca Ng

Today we’re talking abstract with 2014 SOTA graduate Rebecca Ng. Her works are a product of an intuitive process of visual creation. “In this process, there is no necessity or goal of achievement. It is unpredictable, unintentional, continuous and explorative. It heads in an unknown direction, a contrast to carefully premeditated forms of art.

I value honest and natural expression, I find myself allured by organic, raw materials, often deemed useless, and so are cast off. I see inherent artistic value and beauty in many of these objects and seek to meld these forms of beauty in my art.”

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