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Unless you’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a hole, you’ll have seen My Kind of Town,  the multimedia feature about the people of Potong Pasir and their former Member of Parliament, Mr Chiam See Tong.

The feature is the final-year project by four students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (NTU) each with a different skill set, and earlier this week they launched a website which gives you unfettered virtual access to the Potong Pasir community from 6am till 12am.

Meet the team …

Cara Chiang, the team’s producer. “It was a real challenge to undertake such an ambitious project within the short time that we had. But it’s rewarding to have covered such a meaningful and important topic.”

Edward Teo, the team’s photographer. “As much as the team had created content over the months, we also learnt a lot about Singapore politics and Potong Pasir in the process. Although there were often endless nights of work, it was never boring for us.”

Sulaiman Daud, the team’s editor and writer. ”When we started I knew Mr Chiam was a fairly successful politician, but over the course of the project I was struck by the immense respect for him from nearly everyone we spoke to. Potong Pasir residents, politicians, academics – even if they didn’t agree with his views they respected the hard work he put into the estate over his career. For me it demonstrated that a life of service is never regretted.”

Wong Kar Weng, the team’s videographer. “Embarking on this project was fraught with much uncertainty and self-doubt. Nonetheless, I was glad to follow this project through to the end because we saw a story that deserves to be documented.”

We just love it when students go the whole hog!

Project Plug: Shawna’s Origami Bustier

Photography - Mika Orotea, Styling/Model/Designer - Shawna Wu.

“My Origami Bustier is made up of hand crafted origami flowers recycled from used brown paper envelopes and carefully hand-slotted together to form an intricate and delicate yet also very wearable piece.” –  Shawna Wu

Shawna is about as multidisciplinary as they come; she is a fashion student at Parsons The New School for Design, has an extensive fine-arts background, does traditional darkroom photography, and produces some mighty fine illustrations.

Well worth keeping an eye on!

Spotted! Marie Toh

For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower thereof falls away (1 Peter 1:24).

“In my pursuit of art, I constantly remind myself that my works will not last forever, so I focus on impacting the viewer with an emotion. It does not need to be a tangible emotion, just an emotional connection, even just for a fleeting moment.”

Poems, music and stories are a main source of inspiration for LASALLE’s  soon-to-be Animation graduate Marie Toh. ”I love translating words into images and injecting my emotions into them. I like to put my twist on each illustration, hinting at something subtle thus provoking the viewer to wonder what the image means.”


Project Plug: Sin City by Kult

Walk on the dark side with the new ’Sin City’ series of tote bags and t-shirts by Kult. With a local, playful take on cult film classics, each piece is a mash-up of familiar local street names such as Last Tango in Pasir Ris, The Desker Chainsaw Massacre, Big Trouble in Little India, Geylang Vice Squad, Balestier Galactica and Buona Vista Social Club.

The tote bags are available in editions of 15 and t-shirts in editions of 20. They can be purchased at the new Kult online store or from the gallery on Mount Emily.

Spotted! Teo KiKi

Our next graduate is Teo KiKi. KiKi is in her final year BA Animation Art at LASALLE ,College of the Arts, and a glimpse into her graduation project ‘in progress’ had us oohing and aahing. The seven-minute short animated film titled Boy in the Whale Suit is a collab with classmates Marie Toh, Art Direction and Design,  and Michelle Wong , the main animator.

Here’s KiKi herself to tell us a little about her project:”The story takes place in a fictional rural town, featuring two very different children who sees something special in one another that led to their eventual friendship. This story takes inspiration from real life cases where we identify with another person through seemingly unexplainable forces of attraction and similarities. This project is still a work in progress and will hopefully be published by late June. So watch this space!”

Welcome to Gallery.sg, your virtual 3D-gallery

(from the press release)

Gallery.sg is a virtual gallery built on a multi-player gaming platform, where visitors are able to interact with each other on the site in real time, regardless of their locations in the world. The project is not meant to replace the physical experience of visiting a gallery but instead to become a strong supplemental part of gallery outreach efforts.

With support from the National Arts Council, the gallery’s “doors” will officially open on 19 April, 7pm (GMT +8) on www.gallery.sg. It will feature 15 artists from the Web Art Movement Singapore  in its inaugural show, The Web Art Show.

“This is essentially an experiment but one with endless possibilities for the future. There are many ways in which state museums, commercial galleries, not-for-profits, artists, and industry professionals could possibly use this platform. Not in the least to reduce the cost of logistics and travel but also to extend their reach to audiences who may not be able to physically attend exhibitions for economic reasons, health concerns, or even weather conditions.” – Eugene Soh, Web Art Movement founder.

About the Web Art Movement

The Web Art Movement is a project started in January last year by Eugene where 56 one-worded .sg domains were acquired and made available free of charge on webart.sg. Artists world-wide are able to adopt them and exercise their creativity with them for a year. The domains available comprise short words such as Good.sg and wet.sg, and the occasional colloquial Singaporean English or Singlish words such as Lah.sg. One would expect these domains to have been snapped up long ago but to Eugene’s surprise, they were still available for purchase, showing how young the Internet really is.

About Eugene Soh

Eugene, also known as dude.sg, graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2013. Upon his graduation, he held his first solo art exhibition, “Dude’s Show: Musings and Meditations on his Reality” in Singapore, where his photography and interactive installation work were showcased. The show was sponsored by OCBC Bank, one of the major banks in Singapore. Eugene uses his technological expertise to manipulate various forms of digital art and is constantly aspiring towards new ways to push technology for art. His distinct conversationalist style allows him to engage his audience with humor and grace. Eugene Soh is represented by Chan Hampe Galleries and acknowledges their valuable advice in preparation for this project.

To visit the gallery, go to www.gallery.sg to download the entire gallery or visit it on your web browser. Once connected, use the mouse and keyboard to navigate, explore and chat.

twentyfifteen by Platform

We love an initiative when it comes to showcasing the work of local creatives, and Platform really wowed us with their twentyfifteen folios, inviting 20 photographers to create 15 images documenting the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

A folio will be published for each photographer in the months leading up to August 9, 2015. So far, they’ve produced six and for the remaining 14 folios they have launched a crowdsourcing project on avivo.me.

(from the project page)

The 20 photographers, all working in Singapore, include eminent and up-and-coming photographers. They come from diverse backgrounds and shoot in a range of styles. In no particular order, they are: Sean Lee; Chow Chee Yong; Darren Soh; Edwin Koo; Jing Quek; Ernest Goh; Nguan; Tan Ngiap Heng; Sam & Sam (Samuel He and Sam Chin); Ore Hui Ying; Samantha Tio; Robert Zhao; Tay Kay Chin; Kevin WY Lee (Ox); Lim Weixiang; John Clang; Sit Weng San; Zinkie Aw; Matthew Teo; Sim Chi Yin.

The images made by the photographers will be about Singapore- through their unique eyes. It is our hope to contribute to Singapore’s collective memory through photography. In a hundred years from now, people can look back and see how others lived, and how 20 photographers chose to interpret what Singapore meant to them. From the story of a Bangladeshi construction worker to a fictional collection of photos of Singapore from 1925-2025, we guarantee the range of subject matter will be spellbinding. It will be close to our hearts. It will be about us.

The folios are designed by Studio Roots’ Jonathan Yuen, who is on board pro-bono because he believes in this project. The design of each folio is unique and based on a discussion with the photographer on his/her concept.

Luwei Ye’s Komfi

Step into the week-end with us and learn about stimulation points, heat sensors, vibrating mechanisms and the Komfi massaging device from aspiring Product Designer, Luwei Ye. “Komfi derives from the word comfort. Inspired by the theory of Chinese Acupuncture, this scarf adornment is a smart massaging device that is designed to take care of muscle tension caused by bad posture. Adapting the idea of stimulation of points on the body, a heat sensor is attached to detect rising temperature caused by muscle tension. If the temperature exceeds presets, it triggers the LEDs in the bubbles to alert the user of bad posture. The bubbles also feature vibrating mechanisms that stimulate the Jian Jing point (a point on shoulder which relieves muscle pains) to better achieve the effect.”

Luwei believes in creating and designing products which enhance the quality and quantity of life. “Simplicity is the basis of my design philosophy, and I strive for maximal impact with minimal substance. I was nurtured in a conservative Chinese environment, and my creative intuition is much influenced by my oriental roots.”

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