Nick Tan drops New Normal EP

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New Normal, the second EP from singer songwriter Nick Tan dropped a couple of weeks ago at the Esplanade, and according to the press release, the 5-track album “chronicles the rapid transition from youth to adulthood, where everyday norms adjust and shift.”

(from the press release)

Accepted into the Noise Singapore Apprenticeship 2008/2009 cohort, Nick got his first experiences as a young musician under the mentorship of veteran local singer-songwriter Kevin Mathews. Through Noise Singapore, he made many industry connections as well as opportunities to perform. Such opportunities included being featured artiste on both Power 98′s Acoustic Lounge Sessions with DJ Harry Corro, as well as the Originals Only Open Mic at the Singapore Art Museum. His foray as a recording artiste was marked by the release of his debut EP ‘Arranged Accidents’, which he recorded, produced and marketed himself. Distributed exclusively by Starbucks Singapore in May 2010, it was reviewed by local publications such as TODAY and the Business Times.

‘New Normal’  is  available for digital purchase and streaming on iTunesAmazonDeezer and Spotify.

Banner Shuffle: Erika Tay

“Creativity is when you ‘push’ your senses beyond the obvious and create something new out of the ordinary . Hence my illustration is about pushing yourself to look at things beyond what your eyes are showing (ex. A cup is not just a cup) and perhaps you will get a fresh perspective of the ordinary object/mundane routines and get inspired for your creative works.” – Erika Tay.

Pek Shun Ping’s Twist Bench at Artefact

Pek Shun Ping is a product design graduate from the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) NTU. The featured Twist Bench is his final year project which will be exhibited in a collective exhibition, ARTEFACT at the National Design Centre from 5 till 27 September.

About the design: ”The project aims to circumspect the design process with materiality in mind and translating it into a furniture piece. The project was based on materials and bamboo was chosen to explore in order to focus and better facilitate the design process. The choice of bamboo is due to its myriad of desirable characteristics and the rich history of how bamboo is used as a raw material.

Twist bench was conceived through the exploration of materiality. It translates the inherent qualities of bamboo – flexibility, lightness and strength, through its form and function. The flexibility of the bamboo parts has allowed the individual strips to form distinct individual curves simply by hand without the need to create specialized parts that forms each curvature. Sense of lightness is reflected in the perforation between the bamboo strips generating spatial gaps and creating visual lightness echoing the repeated void in anatomy of the natural bamboo plant. The suspension of the whole structure on the stainless steel stand gives creates a floating quality to the bamboo structure. The strength of the bamboo strips has allowed minimal amount of material to be used yet retained the structural integrity of the bench for seating.

The concept for the twisted form was developed from the exploration of human interaction with the seat. This idea was largely influence by the idea of the oriental design in comparison to occidental design. The idea of ergonomics was a concept developed from the west as a signifier and comfort for the user when using products. However, in eastern design the focus was not on creating the most comfortable seat but rather the seater could decide on the most comfortable way of seating. Thus creating the variation of choice in seating option serves an exploration on the way the user interacts with the product. The variable seat height along the “twist” caters to the different heights of the users and allows the user to find the most comfortable seating position.”

ARTEFACT is an exhibition of product design works by the Class of 2015, NTU School of Art, Design & Media (Major in Product Design). Make sure to pop by.

Gnome & Bow launches Jekyll’s Hyde Bags

Following up The Hare & the Flying Tortoise series, Gnome & Bow presents a new line up of stylish bags ahead of Fall/Winter.

Entitled Jekyill’s Hyde, the collection is described as a “modernized interpretation of the Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, exploring and reinterpreting the ideas of duality, change and acceptance. The range of bags and wallets are designed to showcase the two contending faces of human nature; the rational, reserved side versus the wilder, more spontaneous inner self. This idea manifests itself in the form of reversible bags, that allow one to keep up with both sides. One side features a classic and lustrous nylon for that go-getting professional while the flip side features a custom printed cotton canvas for that inner rebel.”

Available Friday 4 September from selected outlets.

Spotted! Chong Kian Shyang

If you don’t already know of Chong Kian Shyang’s name, now is the time to sit up and take two minutes out of your busy morning to watch his reel. An impassioned animator, Kian seems to have mastered his craft perfectly, working on productions including Transformers, Pacific Rim and more recently, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

That’s pretty awesome right!

[UTTER 2015] Round, The Tiger of 142B & The Great Escape

Take a look at part two in the series of video interviews produced by The Filmic Eye as part of UTTER, a Singapore Writers Festival initiative. In this year’s edition, the written word meets the creative and aesthetic sensibilities of established and emerging animation directors. The shorts will be screened at GV Suntec from 28 to 30 August in three sessions, each followed by a post-screening dialogue with the writers and the animation directors.

Click here to get your tickets.

YouTube Preview Image

Amanda Lee Koe, Author. Samantha Seah Yu Er, Animator.

“Round” is an experimental stop-motion animated film, adapting three different stories by Amanda Lee Koe to explore parallel narratives and stimulation of mental experiences, through interconnected stories and a juxtaposition of visual aesthetics. The short animation is about the inevitable, cyclical failure and persistence of love.
This underlying theme is represented by a recurring motif, a carousel. It is a metaphor of lovers in a relationship, both in pursuit of one another but they will always be the same distance apart. The carousel also represents the lovers and the progress of each relationship as it would change through the course of the film.

YouTube Preview Image

The Tiger of 142B
Dave Chua, Author. Henry & Harry Zhuang, Animators.

Kevin, an unemployed man in his late twenties, finds communicating with his girlfriend increasingly difficult. At the same time, a series of mysterious killings suddenly unsettles the people of Block 142B. Some claim to have seen a roaming tiger at the estate …

YouTube Preview Image

The Great Escape
Alfian Sa’at, Author. Tan Wei Keong, Animator.

Alfian Sa’at’s first unpublished collection of writings was composed when he was 22. It was first distributed unofficially to selected friends and colleagues. Bearing passionate testimony to private and public memories, this gathering of poems and prose fragments documenting the intimate challenges of Alfian longing to give voice to an invisible minority still struggling to be recognised today.“The Great Escape” is a tale about leaving the others behind.

MYRRH by Melissa Tong

If you’re looking for the next best thing in necklaces, pop by ACTUALLY between 2 and 5.30pm today (Saturday) for the launch of MYRRH, a jewellery line by Melissa Tong.

Intrigued by the intricacy of jewellery-making, the LASALLE Fashion Design graduate decided to do a short stint in Experimental Jewellery at Central Saint Martins. Her debut collection -Small Things- is inspired by geometrical shapes and structures …

(from the press release)

MYRRH is an accessories label that embodies a quiet feminine strength, intuition and faith that steeps deep within all the complexities and intricacies of the female mind and form. The name of the label takes reference from ‘myrrh’ as a medicine and anointing oil used in the bible to cleanse and purify women. The label, MYRRH, symbolizes a reawakening. After a long period of darkness, desolation and destructive tendencies in the years of her youth, MYRRH was birthed out of the designer’s innate desire to testify God’s healing power and the transformation in her life. Just as pure liquid myrrh is extracted through a slow distillation process from its resin, MYRRH is a significant representation of the designer’s healing process. From the deep and shadowed valleys, life emerges through a platform that doesn’t just provide for creative expression and design, but also serves as a place to inspire and encourage.”

MYRRH is stocked exclusively at ACTUALLY, Orchard Gateway #03-18.

Spotted! Rachele Ho

Today Rachele Ho is taking over our site with her final year project in which she explores the identity of a Third Culture Kid through the use of various image making mediums.

“This particular series titled ‘Home(s)’ is about going home or finding it. Third Culture Kids often view home as a concept that extends beyond the buildings they’ve grown up in due to their mobile childhood. However, many of them long for the impossible opportunity of assembling together a home where all cultures lived-in are present physically in one place. The process involved collecting various images of doors from around the world and meshing them together to create a “cultural realm”. The layering of images represent multiple cultural transitions and together portray a multi-layered home.”

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