Exhib! Illustration Arts Fest 2016


Caleb Tan


Joon Saw





What you see here are four designs picked from a formidable poster collection created by OIC artists to announce Singapore’s first indie Illustration Arts Festival (IAF). The fest runs from 28 until 30 October at LASALLE, and from 4 until 6 November at the Singapore’s Writers Festival. You won’t want to miss it!

(from the press release)

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC Singapore), the Council is teaming up with Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), LASALLE College of the Arts; and East London Comics Arts Festival (ELCAF) and Nobrow Press to present the inaugural IAF, highlighting illustrators and illustration in Asia.

Festival Highlights

  • 3 special hands-on workshops by Sonny Lieu, Mattias Adolfsson and Isabel Greenberg
  • 7 talks by invited artists – Jean Julien, Richard McGuire, Hideyuki Katsumata, Sonny Lieu, Mattias Adolfsson and Isabel Greenberg
  • 50+ stalls at the Artists Market with illustrators selling their original prints, books and products
  • New toy launch from artist PUCKY (based in Canada/HongKong)
  • An OIC Interactive live drawing event where you get to bring home a drawing by the OIC illustrators
  • 6 panel discussions by local and guest artists
  • 4 Book signing events

For more information and ticketing, visit http://illustrationartsfest.org/.

Polka Opposites by Xuan En

YouTube Preview Image




This sweet animation of a panda bear and a polar bear was made using clay. The artist is Xuan En, an animation (Visual Effects) major from the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU.

“Polka Opposites is about the encounter between two very different bears, Polka the ice bear and Pan Pan the panda. Polka travels out of his ice land to Dar-Ling hill, China, to visit his distant cousin, Pan Pan, only to discover that they are the polar opposite of each other.”

More of the girl’s work can be found on her page and on YouTube. Check it out!


Spotted! Ng Weijiang aka @orhganic






Known as @orhganic on Instagram, Ng Weijiang creates powerful arrangements fusing design and photography. Shot in black and white to better highlight the forms and textures, Ng’s collaged work easily catches the eye.

“I was intrigued by the use of the Instagram layout to post sliced up images for a larger view. My works focus on giving the audience a fresher perspective by curating monochromatic images of architecture and snippets of our everyday lives into a bigger picture. While the curation of the page brings the images together to form compositions, each image within the collage is well-grounded and are works of their own.”

Animated Sundays: A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time
By CraveFX

“In this conceptual animated short, we aim to create a comedic performance where the past, present and future realities overlap and interact in an environment where time has no start or end.

A modern take on Zbigniew Rybczyński’s Tango, every actor that participates in this space is trapped in an infinite loop where their actions simultaneously bare and yet bare no consequence to another. Starting with a single actor that performs the same series of mundane actions, followed by another and yet another, we start to discover the motivation of these characters and their performance do not simply coexist but are correlated in a complex chain of events. Hilarity ensues as every absurd action cumulates in an amalgamation of intricately choreographed antics.”




Genevieve Chua


Sarah Choo Jing


Hilmi Johandi


Charles Lim


Tang Ling Nah


Dawn Ng


Shubigi Rao


Robert Zhao

(from the press release)

Imagine the stories a city could tell. A busy street corner, a crumbling wall, an open window — The different stories linked to these ordinary places come from the unique experiences of individuals, and their narratives are what breathe life into the city.

ProductIon Q is proud to present the inaugural launch of THE CITY BOOK – SINGAPORE, a beautiful hardcover book containing a series of unique stories told through the perspectives of a selected group of contemporary local artists, accompanied by the creation of art works which reflect the artist’s unique relationships with different elements of the city.

THE CITY BOOK – SINGAPORE holds within it the stories of these multicultural artists, all of which reflects the diverse perspectives of culture, exploring themes including urban isolation, nostalgia, nature, and the viewpoint of living within transitory spaces.

Each artist brings us on a personal journey of life in Singapore through texts, images or anecdotes, interpreting themes from heritage to language and identity.

Packaged in a luxurious hardcover format, these stories are connected to locations through an illustrated map to provide readers with a tangible guide, allowing a dialogue to emerge between the reader and the artist as the reader navigates the city’s stories through the book.

THE CITY BOOK – SINGAPORE will be on sale from November 1 at selected bookstores. Preorder before the 31st October to receive a 15% discount and no shipping fees. Click here for details.

The Luminaries by Lara Loi






Lara Loi’s year-long graduation project is a formidable data visualisation offering that reveals a refined eye for detail. Completed under the School of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, The Luminaries was exhibited at the 2015 ADM Graduation Show.

“The project is a visualisation of Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker Prize–winning novel of the same name,” Lara explains. “It was conceived with the intention of illuminating certain structures that were previously hidden or subtly hinted throughout the book.”

More details and visuals on her project page.

Black Paradox by Zestro Leow





Ceramist artist Zestro Leow is currently showing his work at a new exhibition Dawn of Youth at Kato Art Duo, Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-26. The exhibition presents the work of young emerging artists from Japan and Singapore and runs until 3 November.

Speaking about his current practice, Zestro says he attempts to challenge the idea of the function of an object when its physical feature of functionality has been made obsolete. “To express this concept, I chose to create a series of sculptures influenced by Shinto Shrines. Shinto (the way of god) is a Japanese religion dating from the 8th century and incorporating the worship of ancestors and nature spirits and a belief in sacred powers in both animate and inanimate things. Shinto Shrines are consecrated structures which main purpose is to house Gods and Sprits of divinities.

As a believer of Shinto, these spirits represent a place of worship and provide a source of spiritual vitality and regard them as spiritual home. On the other hand, for non-believers, these Shinto shrines are merely ‘decorative’ structures with no concrete function and are only representation of the religion. With this in mind, I began to create shrine-like sculptures with wheel throwing method. Although, wheel throwing in pottery has always been use to create functional vessels, I decided to use this method to create non-functional vessels by sealing the openings and stacking these vessels to form shrine-like sculptures. I hope that through my presentation, I am able to portray the contradiction of an object or structure presenting a pure form or as a form with certain function.”

Animated Sundays: The Machine

YouTube Preview Image

The Machine
A story by Elden Ng, Gideon Yeo and Teoh Soon Heng
Singapore Polytechnic

“The story begins on an alien planet. Zana and her father Xavier are on a scientific expedition to discover a new planet to inhabit. They are relaxing at night at their campsite. Xavier is examining a piece of fruit they had picked up to study when Zana sees a strange light in the cave near their campsite. Xavier decides to investigate the inside of the cave. A hesitant Zana reluctantly comes along, afraid of being away from her father …”

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