Spotted! Cai Weijie

We don’t feature enough Product Design here on Culturepush – I know – but we pretty much have to wait for student work to pop up in our news feed around graduation time. So please folks – get your work out there and email us!

Today we would like you to meet Cai Weijie who will be graduating from Product Design at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) this May. We asked him about his final year work (top image) and here goes: “The art of Photography and the practices of its craft encourage the understanding of the relationship between the Object and Subject. Through alternative photographic processes, photographers explore various experimental methods and mediums in the making of images. This project aims to enrich the senses through a versatile photographic system which allows the user to switch between historical and contemporary practices. As such, it expands the photography experiences which are fading from today’s societal practices with digital technology as tools change the way we engage with the subject.”

You can sniff out Weijie’s project at the ADM Grad show which opens on 8 May and runs through the 17th. Watch their FB page for details.

Spotted! Zachary Cheong

Today, we are marveling about the work of Zachary Cheong, an aspiring designer who will graduate from the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) next month. “I’m inspired by the form, shape and structure of things around me. With the perspective and knowledge I acquired, I process and translate what I see into new creative ideas and design aesthetics.”

We can’t wait to see what he gets up to after graduation.


Spotted! Kapie Eipak

Kapie experiments in various styles ranging from illustration to animation, photography and graphic design. We’ve decided to focus on his illustration work. There’s something deeply personal about the images which evokes an almost timid feeling of intruding.

“I am interested in highly narcissistic subject matter and sexuality. I often believe and doubt, attempt and give up, and try again … that’s how I learn. At work, I aim to create meaning delivered by technical flawlessness. At home, I drink bubble tea and cuddle in bed. ”

He’s also done Downtown, an animated short (his first!) which has been nominated into several international film festivals and which is very cool indeed.

Keep at it Kapie!

Spotted! Kho Ruiwei

Another final year student alert! Meet Ruiwei, currently working on her degree in visual communication at ADM, NTU. She also designs wearable art and enjoys experimenting with unconventional materials in order to produce unique works that are rich in tactility.

Keep an eye on this girl!


Nookmag’s Drawstring Project

Left to Right: Padlin, Zaki Shariff

Left to Right: Hippodoodle, Padlin x Hippodoodle

Left to Right: Hippodoodle x Rinniey. K, Rinniey. K, Rinniey. K x Zaki Shariff

(from the press release)

Alternative lifestyle and street culture magazine Nookmag brings together local illustrators and designers in The Drawstring Project, an initiative that presents homegrown works and encourages camaraderie amongst creatives.

The Drawstring Project aims to spark a chain of designer collaborations, starting with designer numero uno, illustrator and art educator Padlin. Each designer in The Drawstring Project was given a cotton drawstring-cum-tote-bag as their canvas, as well as the freedom to choose who they’d most like to work with.

With no restricting themes, and no holds barred, designers were given full reign over their designs. The nominated designer will then continue the series with his/her own nomination, and so on. The full Drawstring Project collection, consisting of 13 works by a total of seven artists, showcases the diversity of our art scene – from the dark and mysterious to the quirky and vibrant. Find out who the contributing artists are in this video!

Measuring 14” x 18”, the drawstring-cum-tote bags feature washed-out prints and can be worn several ways. It includes one inner pocket. Series One (first seven bags) is now available on the Nookmag Store. Series Two will be launched shortly in May and it will see six more designs being rolled out.

Nookmag will be premiering The Drawstring Project in a one-time only physical booth at the upcoming TLP Art Market. It will be held at The Working Capitol (1 Keong Saik Road) on 11 April 2015, from 2pm – 8pm.

Project Plug:

Holy Heck! Today you and me together with 18.000+ viewers of the article on our Facebook Page were blown away by the Tiong Bahru Market Food guide, a self-initiated and non-profit project by design studio Bravo. The studio spoiled us with an interactive directory map of the area detailing the stores, their opening hours and items sold. But there is more …. much more … and it’s pretty awesome!

“Our studio is housed just round the corner of the market itself. Since moving into the neighbourhood 5 years ago, it has been our go-to lunch spot for authentic local delights. For all the good food and fond memories it has fed is, this guide serves as our small gesture in giving back to the building and vendors of the food centre. In recollecting the past, you can find a brief history of the market’s 70 years of existence, compressed in a short animation. The fun bit comes in with a meal generator for those, like us on most days, have trouble deciding amongst the wide range of choices. For serious recommendations though, we’ve included our personal list of must-tries that just simply cannot be missed out on.”

Spotted! Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang QiaoPo is pursuing a philosophy degree at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She has a deep interest in art, photography and philosophy (and is still in the process of discovering where they converge). “Fascinated with the beautiful complexity of human forms, I hope to capture something deeply sensual and emotional about them through my work. In my free time, I produce illustrations for various organisations and events, when I’m not philosophising, reading or drinking to Radiohead.”

Banner Shuffle: YingXian. A

“An artist slump is only temporary; the passion for what we do should stay forever. That is something we should be constantly reminded of when making art, to listen to our heart.” – YingXian. A

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