Bertrand Lim’s Shenanigan Times

Bertrand Lim‘s final year project – The Shenanigan Times – is a series of satirical newspapers that targets peoples’ unassuming behaviour towards the consumption of tabloid news in Singapore. “I have always been inspired by smart, intelligent humour that gets a good laugh out of people but also somehow manages to speak the truth.”

Betrand graduated from NTU’s School of Art Design and Media with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communication).

Dance to the Rhythm with Joeyee Watt

Facts: Joeyee Watt is a fresh graduate from The Glasgow School of Art majoring in Graphic Design. Joeyee is a vocalist and a dancer. Joeyee loves to perform. Result: Joeyee’s final year project fuses his musical passion with his interest in design.

“Inspired by the reality TV series So You Think You Can Dance Australia, I blended  improvised dance movements with a series of “Isochords” inspired graphics; a visualization of musical structure, “Rhythm It” a dance movement (inspired by Marathon) that promotes understanding and appreciation of music, better express oneself and to keep fit/healthy! After the event, participants who want to follow up can go to any of the dance game installation booths (Kinect game inspired) or even buy a DVD which enables them to play at home.”


Spotted! Tams Lu

These intricately detailed illustrations are hand-drawn by the talented Tams Lu, a recent Temasek Design graduate with a fondness for watercolors and ink.

“I like to draw things that don’t exist.  My work is predominantly detailed ink work of architectural structures inspired by Escher, who is probably the god of all things that could never exist. I’d like for people to be fascinated by the details of my work.”

TEN – The Art of Smallguy

Look at this banger of a  book by Alan Bay aka SmallguydoodleTEN – The Art of Smallguy  is a compilation of images representing 10 years of work and experiences. “I was a game artist before and worked in titles like TMNT and Assassin’s Creed. Now I have my own studio; focusing on providing solutions to clients by conveying their messages universally through my artwork. I am also working on my comic.”

Alan’s book is available at Basheer Graphic Books and online.

Touch: īˈdentitē

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Touch: īˈdentitē is an official collaboration between James Lye, Amin Farid and Fasihah Latiff that aims to explore indepth the relationship between movement and sound. This multidisciplinary production will be presented in a unique fashion through a combination of interactive installations, live performances and post-show talk.

The exploration of movement and sound will be demonstrated by fusing sonic arts with street and traditional Malay dance forms. The production offers an effective blend of experimental music technology with performing arts by empowering dancers with the ability to control and be at the helm for both movement and sound.

Throughout the entire duration of the 3 day production, fixed installations of electronics and gadgets used for the production will be up and placed around the venue for all visitors to interact and engage with. This allows all visitors to have a first-hand association of what the dancers are experiencing, by creating a personal sonic tapestry when engaging with the various technologies presented.

The performance segment of the production, which occurs twice daily, consists of three separate works each lasting approximately 10 minutes. The first work which integrates sonic arts with traditional Malay dance uses sensors attached to dancers, translating movement into an entirely independent sonic tapestry generated by manipulating sounds of traditional Malay instruments such as the rebana, biola, and accordion. In brief, the semiological context aims to present the theme of having a desire to stay connected to one’s roots despite the blurred identity fostered by a rapidly progressing society.

The second work which is designed to succeed the former with the theme of “state of exploration” fuses sonic arts with street dance by using concepts of radio sound transmission and electrical contact controlled by a group of three dancers. Electronic and heavily synthesised sounds will be the primary musical source used, therefore reflecting the aesthetics of the street dance art form.

The final work is a thematic development of the production which drives home the message of “self-discovery”, realised through the transition of the preceding thematic phases. This finale piece attempts to juxtapose and hybridise traditional Malay dance with street dance whilst encompassing it with sonic arts. Three pairs of dancers, each consisting of a traditional Malay dancer and street dancer, will face their counterparts. Separated by a piece of glass or clear plastic, which symbolises a mirror, their various intensity and strokes on the “mirror” surface will trigger an assortment of musical and sonic elements, which are both traditionally influenced and electronically generated.

A post-show talk will commence upon the completion of the performance segment. A facilitator approach is used to conduct and direct the talk, with the occasional appearance of prominent Singapore artists and practitioners as guest facilitators.

Show Dates

Performance & Post-Show Talk
25 July, 7:30pm – 26 July, 1:00pm and 7:30pm – 27 July 1:00pm and 7:30pm
Interactive Installation
25 July, 1:00pm to 10:00pm – 26 July, 10:00am to 10:00pm – 27 July, 10:00am to 10:00pm

Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre (Multi-Purpose Studio)

Spotted! Michael Ee

Candide (2012)

Experimental Drawings Series (2011)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2013)

Count On Me (2011)

Michael Ee is in his final year at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has been drawn to the aesthetics of both fine art and design since young. Both have the power to work together to convey powerful, evocative messages, and Michael has found ways to harness them to convey ideas on culture, identity and heritage.

On Michael’s website, you will find the text describing the featured projects. While you’re at it, make sure you let your eyeballs roll over the rest of his work.

Ouroboros by Koh Liang Jiang

We’re incredibly glad we came across these astonishingly detailed drawings from NAFA Fine Art graduate Koh Liang Jiang. We zoomed in on various sections of the drawing to show you the insane amount of detail that went into it. Now gaze at them, open-mouthed, just like we did.

“Lines are what make up my view of the world, be it from outlines to textures, I liken everything in existence to be woven together with thin fibers. I see my art pieces as an array of objects that has been given form through my careful and intricate knitting of ink lines. I rely on the common curiosity to incite desire for closer examination of my complex drawings, to reach a certain simple truth on how everything share the same building blocks.

My work possesses an inclination towards the environment, often concerning the progress of mankind and his unquenchable lust for more control over Mother Earth. More often than not, I would employ the use of a fantasy-dreamscape inspired setting to depict how futile and meager mankind attempts at overcoming nature truly are.

My influences are mostly legends and stories from ancient mythology, where I often ironically find very similar themes to the modern-day society. Humanity’s vast history was recorded in ink, and as the saying goes “the pen is mightier than the sword”; I hope to do my own part in contributing to the telling of the stories of our generation through my art.”

Gentle Bones debuts self-titled EP

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Gentle Bones (20-year-old Joel Tan) will be releasing his debut self-titled EP following the overwhelming successes from his first two singles “Until We Die” and “Elusive”. This debut self-titled EP, significantly funded by the National Arts Council’s EP Grant, is one of the most awaited releases of 2014. The “Pop-Folk” EP is highly driven by visceral thoughts, of what Joel puts across as his style of doing music without conscious reflection. Filled with 3 fast-paced anthems and two love songs, it is the product of Joel’s personal exploration of music over the past 4 years and what he believes to be the best work that he has conceived so far.

The media “explosion” of Gentle Bones, which started in December 2013 after the release of his first single ‘Until We Die’, is highly attributed to the distinct sound of Joel’s voice and song-writing. One may find it hard to place his music in a specific genre, simply because of Joel’s strong belief in the enjoyment of music to be rid of its tribalist nature and for all to love music as it is regardless of genres. Gentle Bones stands for something much more than the music that Joel writes, it represents the movement in which youths chase their dreams and have said to have provided inspiration for theirs.

In celebration of the EP release, Gentle Bones will be performing all of the songs plus other favourites on a 1 night only concert at TAB on 30th August.  Gentle Bones will be not only be accompanied by his band but also special guests and fellow friends Samantha Rui & Gareth Fernandez. Tickets will go on sale on the tomorrw via Peatix at 9am.

The EP will be on sale via iTunes on the 19th of August and limited autographed physical copies will be available online at

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