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Today we check in with freelance Fashion Designer and Illustrator, Yi Lin.  Lin studied Fashion Design in Los Angeles, moved to New York to work in the fashion industry for two years before returning home.

On her illustration work, Lin says: “My work is inspired by a mix of current and vintage style. I capture the latest outfits from the runway, and I also depict iconic looks from past eras. Movies are another source of inspiration as the costumes are an integral part of character development.

Fashion Illustration to me is all about conveying a distinctive mood in a dynamic manner. I relish having the freedom to experiment with different media, colours and techniques. In the digital age, there’s something quite special about art with a hand-drawn touch.”

Find more fabulous illustrations and get a glimpse into Lin’s process on her site.

Nicholas Chia & Amanda Wang at Cartoons Underground 2015

The fourth instalment of Singapore’s underground animation festival – Cartoons Underground - is happening at the Kult Kafe on 17 October, with two screenings at 7:30PM and 9PM followed by a meet and greet with the directors.

The festival will feature award-winning animated films by eight directors, including four homegrown talents. Today we would like to introduce you to the work of Nicholas Chia and Amanda Wang.

(from the press release)

YouTube Preview Image

‘Coldstream’ by Nicholas Chia
A girl struggles for water in a post-apocalyptic world infested with mysterious creatures.

Nicholas graduated in 2015 from the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University. His passion for sound and music led him to be involved in freelance projects and short films, some of which were nominated together with his collaborator Joshua Conceicao for ‘Best Music’ at the Singapore Youth Film Festival and the National Youth Film Awards.

YouTube Preview Image

‘The Ocotopus Lady’ by Amanda Wang
Moving from the sea to the city, the Octopus Lady finds herself literally a fish out of water. Dreaming of a home, she is torn between her desire to fit in to the industrious yet impersonal city that she is now trying to make a living in, and returning to the sea.

Growing up insatiably curious, with an intrinsic need to create, Amanda began writing and illustrating stories since she was five. These days she is happiest when marrying her twin passions of art and writing (or more specifically storytelling), which she achieves through working on 2D animation with an eye for design, illustration and motion graphics which she honed as a recent graduate with first class honours in Digital Animation at Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University. She also likes tea and knitting, and is currently working as an editor at ONE Animation. “The Octopus Lady” is her graduation film.

Saturday 17 October at Kult Kafe, Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road. First screening starts at 7:30pm with the second screening starting at 9pm. Admission is by donation.

Banner Shuffle: OH!

“This banner is very much inspired by the Halloween theme with a bit of an Asian twist. We wanted to create a mysterious vibe to it thus adding a smokey effect played simultaneously with vanishing words, giving it a touch of the “genie in the bottle” effect. This banner is one of the examples on how OH! aims to marry both photography and illustration. ” – OH!  – or Otherhalf –  is a partnership between Illustrator Arty Guava and photographer Sumay C.

爷爷, 是你吗?(Grandpa, Is that you?)

We came across Alvin Lee‘s work at the 2015 Noise Apprenticeship Programme exhib. During the Programme, Alvin found an enthusiastic mentor in Yong (Somewhere Else). So what is it that inspired his project? Read on …

“From my fond childhood memories, I recalled a small wooden altar that held the ancestor’s tablet of my paternal grandfather, sitting above my kitchen’s refrigerator. That memory had me feeling strangely distant from a man that was actually my grandfather. I have never had a personal encounter, much less a relationship with him, nor have I heard much about his identity from my family members because he has passed on much earlier before I was born. I strongly believe that by uncovering the details to my grandfather’s background and his circumstance of planting the seed for my family in Singapore many years ago, it is the first step in learning more about my roots. The built-up curiosity to learn more about my cultural identity and the ambiguous figure of my grandfather has provided me with the setting stone to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Inspired by my grandfather’s mementos that recently surfaced, this body of work seeks to take my audience on an experience with the different possibilities of how I have envisioned my grandfather to be, together with the juxtaposition of the factual heirlooms. < 爷爷, 是你吗?> also humbly seeks to stir its’ audience’s curiosity to go on a similar journey to find out more about their forefathers and hopefully through the process – discover something new about themselves.”

Alvin is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design, and Media, and will be graduating in 2017.

Project Plug! ICONS by Scott Woodward

ICONS by Singapore-based photographer Scott Woodward is a tribute to some of the world’s most influential and provocative fashion photographers by re-inspiring a selection of their iconic images through a fusion of photography and illustration.

“The iconic images selected for a fresh take were – Meisel’s classic technicolour Vogue images; Bailey’s photograph of Abbey Lee Kershaw for i-D Magazine; Avedon’s timeless elegant portrait of Dovima; Von Unwerth’s fierce photograph of Rihanna wrapped in barbed wire; Testino’s tribute to the pin-up girl featuring Claudia Schiffer; and Newton’s Elsa Peretti in a bunny costume overlooking 1970s New York City.

Together with a high-calibre all-local team – Hair & Makeup Artist Andrea Claire and illustrator artist Allison Low, the models were shot uncovered, after which illustrations of their clothing were re-drawn by hand over months of work, and finally the illustration layers and photography images were blended by very talented digital artists.”

Click here to see the full series.

Hair & Makeup: Andrea Claire
Illustrations: Allison Low
Digital Imaging: Agnes Teo & Liisa Maria
Photo Assistants: Zam & Fried Rice
Director: Mike Rogers
Camera Assistant: Mark Chua
Editor: David Flood
Models: Amanda, Hiroko, Indila, Kristina, Morgan, Paula
Executive Producer: Ugly Duckling Projects

Exhibit: ’8 Women’ by Grace Baey

(from the press release)

To coincide with the annual Indignation Festival this September, Grey Projects presents ‘8 Women‘, portraits of transwomen who live and work in the Farrer Park, Little India neighbourhoods. Over several evenings, social researcher and photographer Grace Baey invited these women to present and pose themselves in a collaborative photo series, which we are proud to support.

About Grace Baey

Grace Baey (b. 1985) is a Singapore-based photographer with an interest in social issues. A human geographer by training, she turned to photography as a way of engaging with these issues through a more intimate lens. Of interest to her are questions of place, identity, and belonging. Her work deals with issues of social marginalization, with particular focus on low-waged migrant workers and the transgender community in Singapore. Earlier in 2015, she participated in Objectifs’ annual Shooting Home mentorship programme, as well as the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Bali.

The exhibition opens today and runs until 17 October at Grey Projects.

Spotted! Jason Feng

Motion Graphic Designer Jason Feng graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2012, and the showreel he uploaded hums with the air of someone who really knows what they’re doing. “It shows a selection of my works from 2013 up to now and is done mostly in After Effects and Cinema4D.”

This chap’s one to watch!

Singaporelang-What the Singlish? by Zinkie Aw

We’ll be at Objectifs on 16 September to listen to Zinkie Aw talk about the concept and stories behind her new photography collection, ‘Singaporelang — What the Singlish?’,  a visual Singlish dictionary.

(from the press release)

In this photo-language book, there are 40 photographs and a dictionary of 100 peculiar Singapore English language that attempts to define the vocabulary. These terms are translated into the 4 main languages.

Readers are encouraged to give meaning to each photographed scene by guessing the Singlish. It is akin to playing Charades, where each reader fills in the blanks on what each photograph scene says to him or her. More often than not, the answers are not limited to just one Singlish phrase for each photograph. Hence, one is invited to interact with the photographs and curate their own Singlish glossary terms.

The design of the book encourages the reader to caption the portraits with the attached stickers. There are blank speech bubble stickers that allow one to fill in the blanks. One is also prompted to pen their own notes in the Singlish glossary section, as a notebook-manner.

This project also features the man on the street as first-time models and voice talents. This wacky series remind us that the possibilities of transposing Singlish — a language — to the visual format, is possible.

Additionally, there are two observational essays about Singlish in this book. The first is by English instructor and conultant Dan Kerson (who goes under the pseudonym ‘Angmodan’), and another penned by graduate from the Linguistic and Multilingual Division in Nanyang Technological University, Gloria Tan.

See you there!

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