Exhib! Mountain and Expanse

Incandescence (2016) by Lyn Low

The Mountain Survey (2016) by Marvin Tang

(from the press release)

“How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is unknown to you?” (Plato)

Through being lost, two young artists embarked on a journey in search for the unknown. Shedding identities to become fully present, boundaries begin to fade away.

Mountain and Expanse is an exhibition that questions the height of knowledge and an exploration of the unmarked expanse to propose that the world that we think we know is larger than our knowledge of it.

Taking on photography as a medium of focus, this exhibition showcases the works of two artists Marvin Tang and Lyn Low – the winners of the Kwek Leng Joo Prize for Excellence in Still Photography 2015. Initiated in 2009, the award was established to recognise photographic excellence among students at NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media.

The exhibition runs from 28 May to 12 June at DECK. Artist Talk & Tour on 4 June, 3:30pm – 4:30pm. 

Listen! Oceans Remix by DEON

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON will release ‘Oceans Remix’, the follow up to his sophomore album ‘Oceans’, on Tuesday 24 May. This EP, which is a collaborative effort between nine Singaporean musicians and DEON, will be available for free download and streaming. As an added bonus, DEON will also release a Deluxe Package, ‘Oceans Deluxe’, inclusive of ‘Oceans’ + ‘Oceans Remix’ on various digital platforms.

DEON has partnered with nine Singaporean musicians hailing from contrasting backgrounds to work on his songs for ‘Oceans Remix’. He believes that his tunes can be heard from different perspectives when taken on with a fresh set of musical ears. Extracting his melodies from ‘Oceans’, these nine muses have implemented their own arrangements and interpretations on DEON’s songs, and successfully concocted an updated of set of works with trademarks of their own.

Established personalities such as Intriguing, blankverse, mockstarr, and Dru Chen have contributed to this EP; while up-and-coming producers THIEVVES (Discohue, Aquila Vasica), Mitch Advent, and Iggs (China Crisis, The Farm, Ian McColloch) also took on singles from ‘Oceans’. Industry veterans Doopz and hdj tas riser have also left their brand on the EP . Choosing to highlight the original feel of the songs, or going in completely different musical directions has elevated the motif of the songs and given fresh life to DEON’s works.

‘Oceans Remix’ is propelled by creativity, community, change, and the courage to see one’s works picked apart and given new identities. It also sets the tone for DEON’s new musical direction as he pushes for more electronica elements in his future compositions.

‘Oceans Remix’ is a collaborative effort by:
- Intriguant [Louis Quek]
- blankverse [Isa Foong]
- mockstarr [Adam Shah]
- Dru Chen [Andrew Chen]
- THIEVVES [Auzaie Zie]
- Mitch Advent [Mitch Goh]
- Iggs [Tom Ignatius]
- Doopz [Amanda Ling]
- hdj tas riser [Leonard Soosay]
and all 9 tracks were mastered by Tom Ignatius.


Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit By Hyrol Sami’on 三 缺 一 Three Without One By Morine Liang

Morine Liang, 万花筒 (kaleidoscope) (2012) – Acrylic mirror and projector

Morine Liang, Shampoo Advertisement I (2016) – Single-channel video

Tyrol Sami’on, Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit (2016) – Performance relic

(from the press release)

LASALLE-College of the Arts and The Substation presents Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit and 三 缺 一 Three Without One, a joint-exhibition by two young graduates from the LASALLE BA(Hons) Fine Arts programme. They are mentored by Loo Zihan and Ong Kian Peng.

A one year residency programme jointly organised by LASALLE and the Substation, with the objective of giving fresh grads a boost, the Arts Graduate Incubation Programme (AGIP) provided funding, studio space and mentorship from professional artists for the two selected participants from 2015-2016.

Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit by Hyrol Sami’on presents a series of secret recordings made by the artist while taking the MRT or bus. These conversations are presented as voyeuristic gestures through his artwork installation that is inspired by Instagram.

Morine Liang’s 三 缺 一 Three Without One takes as its starting point a collection of newspaper clippings by local tabloid newspaper, 新明日报Shin Min Daily News. These selected clippings, with articles ranging from beauty ads to stories of human affect, are the father’s messages to his daughter. In turn, the daughter responds to both content and medium as an artist.

The exhibition runs until  2 June at The Substation Gallery and Random Room.

CUBETALES by Hillary Hoe

CUBETALES is a constructive play system created to help develop preschoolers’ literacy skills at home. Designed by Hillary Hoe, CUBETALES grew out of a desire to increase the reading confidence in children through the use of sight word cards, bingo cards and erasable boards.

Hillary explains: “With the increasing emphasis on school readiness (the level of preparation for a preschooler’s transition into primary school), parents are increasingly concerned with their preschoolers’ literacy development. This is because they understand that literacy is key to excelling in various subjects – take Math for example, to tackle the question you have to first understand the question. What is literacy? It is the ability to make meaning, so as to build coherent stories whether when reading, writing or speaking. I’ve chosen to focus on the speaking part and studies have shown that children learn how to read and write when they practice expressing their thoughts orally while playing. Parents are trying to nurture their children’s literacy skills at home through various methods like reading with them, or even labelling objects around the house. What I would like to do here is to use play as a medium to set the conditions of literacy learning to enhance the learning experience.”

How do we play CUBETALES? “There are 2 suggested ways of playing, the first way is to draw 5 word cards, think of a story and build the landscape for the story simultaneously, and then demonstrate the story. The second way is more competitive, with children building up a landscape together, then filling up their bingo boards with things they see on the built landscape, then taking turns to use words on their boards to tell a story while striking them off and winning with 3 bingos. The cubes have 3 main features – some click or repel, some open up to store physical objects, and some have drawable surfaces. These are all to encourage children to bring in their own tangible/intangible elements and spark more stories. To add a more whimsical feel to the cubes, watercolour swatches have been scanned and digitally inserted into the graphics, giving the ocean a wavy look or the fishes a scale texture.”

Hillary’s final year project will be showcased at the NUS DID Grad Show 2016 which runs from 21 through 24 May at the National Design Centre.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Combining fully voiced pause-for-tactics RPG, deadly magic, masked deceptions and a Venetian-style city, Witching Hour Studios created a game that has already set the industry tongues wagging.

When I contacted the Creative Director a couple of weeks ago, the team was busy crowdfunding on Kickstarter, but here’s an excerpt from the press release.

“In the turmoil-ridden Citte della Ombre, religion holds no sway. Only the songs sung of one’s deeds will carry an Ombrian’s legacy beyond death. Those who hold even the smallest morsel of power will make every effort to ensure their songs live on. Enter the Mascherines – masks from an ancient time that allow its wielders to channel the elements into destructive magic. The Mascherines have perpetuated a culture of inequality between the power-hungry guildsmen known as the Masquerada and the impoverished lower classes, the Contadani. A prolonged civil war, ignited by Contadani rebels who steal Mascherines from the Masquerada, has only drawn scars of mistrust across the Citte since. Players follow the trails of an expert investigator, Cicero Gavar, who was exiled for a crime against the state five years ago. Cicero has now been summoned back to Ombre to solve the mysterious kidnapping of the diplomat Razitof Azrus, whose wake has left a trail of death. As other members of the Masquerada join Cicero’s’ investigation, all having their doubts about one another within this culture of deception, their faith will be pushed to the limit as a deeper conspiracy lurks in the shadows of Ombre.

About the Gameplay Features
Cicero and his four companions each have their own classes, of which there are three distinct types: the roguish Sicario, the monolithic Pavisierre, and the bardic Dirge. Each of Cicero’s companions specialises in one of these stances in combination with a specific element, while Cicero himself is able to choose his own element and swap between the stances at will. Players can take advantage of synergies between each character’s magic spells by way of the Elemental Tag system. By casting particular elements in succession, players can leverage element-based status effects for crowd control, such as blinding smog or a debilitating cloud of steam. For example, an earth spell inflicts an enemy with an earth elemental tag, which can be triggered by a water spell to ensnare the enemy in show-stopping mud. Skill modifiers allow for more variations of battlefield tactics. For example, with Zephyr – Cicero’s teleportation spell – players can choose an offense-oriented modification that blasts out hot air when Cicero re-appears. Alternatively, a defensive modification could blast cold air to freeze enemies at Cicero’s original location, buying him time to recover or cast other spells. Positioning on the battlefield has great importance in Masquerada. All player characters, NPCs and enemies have armour (whether physical or magical) that must be dealt with before being able to hurt them. With flank attacks, armour can only mitigate half the damage dealt to a target, and attacks to the rear cause full damage to a target. As such, planning to position one’s magic attacks becomes vital.”

Make sure to pop by the studio’s site to check out their previous work on Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion and Romans In My Carpet.

Onward by Ernest Wu

Ernest Wu graduated with a diploma in Film, Sound and Video from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media. The featured series “Onward”, explores the nature of the changing landscape in Singapore. Taken on the train, the images use the motion of the train to create the illusion of an ethereal, transient landscape.

“It is dusk. In my mind, a humdrum of ideas. I cannot see its end. The landscape has always been a treadmill and I, in the train cabin, have always been unmoving. Unchanging. I am here. I am here. A lamp-post goes by. A building. A tree. I think about change. The landscape changes. There used to be a hill. It used to be a field. There used to be forest. Now it is a HDB. Now it is a condominium. I think about paintings. Brush strokes. Thin lines. Thick lines. Broad sweeping strokes. Careful line accents. Harsh harsh. I think about light. The lights turn on. They turn off. Change, light, paint. Can I paint with my camera? I am unmoving. I am here. The landscape is a treadmill. The landscape paints itself. Click. The train drags my camera. The landscape wants to be painted. The shutter closes. Barely a whisper. No one notices. Click. The landscape drags itself past. Present. Past. It is. And then no more. Nothing stays for too long. The landscape is there. Not quite. It is painted. Not quite. The landscape has changed. The landscape changes. The landscape will change.”

NUNO by Lee Han Xi

Fashion meets Product Design with NUNO, the final year project by Lee Han Xi, a graduating student from the Division of Industrial Design (DID) at the National University of Singapore. The result  is fresh and funky and adjusts to everyone’s imagination.

“Derived from the confluence of Fashion and Product Design, Nuno creates a new way of looking at furniture upholstery as separate wearables – washable as they are dirtied and changeable as styles and seasons come and go. Nuno is a line of chair wear, which when worn on the nondescript Vago easy chair, provides a tactility that is simply a joy in user experience and whose quirky silhouettes are a bold accent to any living environment.”

Hanxi’s work will be on display at the NUS DID Show wich runs from 21 through 24 May at the National Design Centre.

Forgive But Never Forget by Jasvic

An fascinating photography project from Jasvic, an undergraduate of Nanyang Technological University, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging.

About her work: “For years I have built this barrier, this automated system to instinctively shut down any visual recognition of people’s faces. What was meant to be an effective defence mechanism has gradually evolved into a social burden where I am now incapable of remembering faces. I have so successfully suppressed my own ability to recognise that I have now neglected those worth remembering. This series seeks to confront the very faces that drove me into this mental state of facial-forgetfulness through photographic reconstructions. As I was unable to vividly recall any of these faces entirely, I allowed my- self to freely piece the various features I have collected together. While doing so, some similar combinations surfaces and I begin to wonder if these reoccurring faces have any resemblance to those I have been running from for so long…”

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