Exhib! Intelligent Island


“Intelligent Island” is an investigation concerning the issues of government regulation in digital space. Depicting a future where an island integrates with Augmented Reality, it aims to explore political ideologies within information communication technologies.

The show is organized by Haikel Yusuff a graduating BA(Hons) student LASALLE College of the Arts, School of Design Communication and runs from 13 to 15 April.


Banner Shuffle! Crimson Star

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Listen! Joie by Joie Tan

Joie Album Cover

(from the press release)

Joie’ is the first full-length release from songbird Joie Tan. The long-awaited 10-track album showcases her versatility as a songwriter as she explores love, life, and loss through a variety of styles and genres with her svelte vocals melding them all together. The album’s focus track ‘Can’t You See’ is an ode to two lovers playing hard to get: “if you knew the truth behind the words / the cruelty was by mistake”. Joie Tan’s impassioned plea tangos playfully with Bani Hidir’s big band arrangement, drawing the listener into a warm embrace.

Produced by Bani Hidir (53A, LEW), mixed by Don Richmond (Mark Bonafide, 53A, Vanessa Fernandez), and mastered by Evan Low (Zendyll Productions, Evanturetime).

The album launch is happening on 11 April at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Get your tickets here.


Listen! The Average of Everything by SINE

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Sine announces their highly anticipated debut EP – “The Average of Everything”, which will be released on April 19, 2018.

Current local university students, Yeo Chai Jing, Tan Yiren Eugene, and Marcus Goh form the face of Sine. Being part of the 2017 Noise Music Mentorship, Sine has gained invaluable advice as a noise mentee under the guidance of Martin Kong from Caracal. Drawing influence from Toe, Tricot, and Chon, their music can be described as a blend of math rock, progressive rock, and post-punk.

Recorded at Aeonix Productions, “The Average of Everything” is a five-track powerhouse that is reflective of the range of the band’s influences, from math rock to progressive, metal and jazz. The EP tells a story of how the band decided to dive into its experimental roots, where each track is intentionally recorded to sound different from one another and is characterised by different subgenres of rock. Despite these differences in subgenres, the band’s unique sound is still evident in every track. The result is an EP where each song feels like a chapter in a book, yet each chapter is tied to the common theme of the band’s sound.

In addition, Sine is also releasing their 2nd track, One Day, on 29 March in anticipation of the rest of the EP. One Day stands out as the liveliest song from the EP, with its fast-driven rhythm guitars, driving bass and roaring drums balanced against melodic vocals. It would be available for streaming on our Bandcamp website and YouTube channel.

About Sine
Sine (latin for ‘by itself’) is a band comprising of individuals who dare to be different. We want to break down stereotypes of music about how a rock band should sound. Norms are what we perceive it to be. The norm of one may be insanity to a heretic. There is no truth, only perception.

Sine will celebrate the release of the EP with a show on May 11, 2018 at LITHE HOUSE from 7pm onwards, with supporting acts Terrestrea and Trust The Chaos. Tickets will be on sale at the door.


Farizi Noorfauzi at Undescribed #3

One-Corner questions the structuralist approach of cultural stereotypes in constructing meaning about people. Specifically, it is my satirical response to the historical colloquial stereotype of “lepak one corner” – an assumption of the Malay community as idle and lazy – through the repeated action of me sitting in different corners around my residential area.

No Corner 4

No Corner 5

No-Corner (2017, Photographic series). Pasted within a defunct residential area, the stickers (of me sitting in different positions suggesting the “lepak one corner” stereotype) are meant to disappear along with the expired space.

Dear M. (2018, Video sculpture, installed at DECK for Undescribed #3) explores my experience of uncertainty in confrontation with my religious identity. The performatory interaction between myself and the door is a manifestation of the emotional and physical boundary resulting from that experience. Through the use of televisions, the work attempts to capture the fragmented and disorienting experience of reconciling with one’s religion.

Let’s Swim (2018, Video installation, 11’12”, installed at DECK for Undescribed #3) explores water as a motif in different dominant religions in Singapore. Through the act of wearing different coloured clothings representative of these religions, and submerging them in the ocean, I attempt to investigate the possibility of unifying such fundamentally different religions, and overcoming the polarised nature of religion through the idea of water as a commonality.


Baju Kurung, Sangkar Burung (Baju Kurung, Caged Bird) (2017, Installation). The garment’s form and function explores how the baju kurung, as a symbolic clothing of the Malay culture, restricts one’s freedom as an individual.

Self Haircut 4

Self-Haircut (2017, Live video performance). In the performance, the act of shaving my own head parallels how pilgrims in Mecca shave their heads to mark the finality of their pilgrimage. The private performance was done in a booth, which was made accessible to the audience through the live feed video. This was a good illustration of my practice; I am always making my personal cultural experiences accessible to the public through my artworks. The video is meant to be a revisitable archival of the performance.

Currently showing at Undescribed #3 is Farizi Noorfauzi, a recent School of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA) graduate and a multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly with media and performance art. “I’m interested in investigating the relevance of culture, specifically within the unique socio-cultural context of Singapore as an intersection of diasporic cultures. Taking the traditions of my Malay-Islamic culture as a point of departure, I examine cultural traditions and rituals through performances, which are made accessible through videos. In doing so, I investigate new cultural states of living and ways to move on.”

Undescribed #3 runs until 31 March at DECK. Check it out!


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