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Singapore’s greatest kid detective, Sherlock Sam, is back on Culturepush and he is joined by grumpy robot Watson and his friends in the Supper Club. Sherlock Sam (a.k.a Samuel Tan Cher Lock) will stop at nothing to solve the mystery, no matter how big or small … especially when delicious food is involved!

Exhib! Each Blade of Grass Each Shrub Each Tree

David Tan, Jambu Fruit Dove

Robert Zhao, How To Make A Tree Disappear As Nature Intended II (2016)

Susie Wong, The land remains where God had put it; but white men they come and in a little while they go (2012)

(from the Press Release)

The Substation presents Each Blade of Grass Each Shrub Each Tree, a programme of exhibition, performance and forum as a response to the Cross Island Line (CRL) discussions about MacRitchie Reservoir.

Bringing together the works of artists, writers and nature conservationists who resist constructed visions of nature as a singular, unchanging entity, the programme complicates our understanding of Nature and the Garden. From the edenic to the horrifying, from the sublime to fictions of representation, nature, through their eyes, becomes speculative, autonomous but also charged with human trace—as Tan Wee Kiat, former CEO of NParks puts it, “each blade of grass and each shrub and tree [is to be] brought to the site and put into place.”

Singapore’s prevailing moniker of the Garden City is a reflection of the attempts at yielding nature a place in the land-scarce city. The focus on greening our city has its roots in British-colonial ways of engaging nature, and has since taken on shifting definitions in line with national and strategic interests. Lee Kuan Yew, our former Prime Minister noted, “after independence, I searched for some dramatic way to distinguish ourselves from other Third World countries. I settled for a clean and green Singapore…”

By engaging with artists and academics who have developed ways of experiencing or thinking about nature and/or the urban, the programme is part of The Substation’s plans to drive larger conversations in Singapore. The Artistic director, Alan Oei says, “At The Substation, we hope take on some of the big, difficult cultural questions that affect us, as a nation, a people, and as individuals.”

Most of the artworks presented have no direct relation to the CRL, but provide a survey of different responses to the ecology of Singapore. They range from written documents to painting, photography and performance.

The programme is a timely and topical response befitting The Substation as an independent voice for the public. He says, “Timing is everything. With a real issue on hand, the space for reflection to consider our relationship to nature within this small island city becomes far more potent. We’re very careful to remain neutral on the CRL issue. We just want to show the different strands of practice and engagement that artists have with Nature. It doesn’t try to be a coherent survey by any means, but still has great potential for revealing a deeper condition of Singapore and our varied experience of Nature as a construct.”

The exhibition runs from 5 until 15 May at The Substation Gallery, but will be closed for a private performance and forum on 7 May from 1PM to 4PM. Featuring Chu Hao Pei, David Tan, Deborah Emmanuel, Geraldine Kang, Robert Zhao, Sharda Harrison, Susie Wong, Timothy Barnard, and Tony O’Dempsey.

ACTUALLY & MASH-UP collab for Pink Dot SG

(from the press release)

ACTUALLY has teamed up with local label MASH-UP to produce an exciting capsule collection in support of Pink Dot SG and the Freedom to Love. The two brands have joined creative hands to create a range of quirky items such as tote bags, t-shirts and caps featuring Pink Dot SG’s adorable and instantly recognisable mascot, Pinkie.

This mini collection showcases the different faces of “Pinkie”. Mash-up has chosen the crown in the design, because regardless of race, religion, gender, social status or wealth, we are all able to put on the crown and feel like a king or queen.

The collaboration is truly an explosion of colour, celebrating life. The design also mirrors MASH-UP Spring Summer 2016, giving a vibe of nostalgia, playfulness and innocence – which adults usually forget and instead choose hate & discrimination.

The collection will available at Actually, #03-18 orchard gateway from 2 May onwards. Proceeds from the sale of the collection will help to cover the costs of running the event.

© Pink Dot SG

Behind the Mask by Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan‘s FYP titled ”Behind the Mask” is inspired by the painter of masks, James Ensor, and narrates a fantastical tale about a little girl with horns who feels isolated and haunted by enigmatic masked figures.

“Anxiety and shyness are conditions that are often misunderstood. A shy person myself, I often get unnerved when I am surrounded by people. It’s that little fear that we would slip up and be judged by others. It is my hope that this project helps to give a voice to those that share these anxious feelings that we often can’t quite shake and show that we aren’t alone.”

Behind the Mask will be on show at this year’s ADM Show which runs from 6 May to 15 May.

MA Fine Arts Grads, Martha Chaudhry & Kanchana Gupta

And the rest of such things is the title of the LASALLE’s MA Fine Arts graduation show, and suggests the idea that the exhibition can be experienced as a threshold between explorations of the past and infinite possibilities for the future. Reflecting this approach, it considers art-making as an open process in which the end of the programme is simultaneously the starting point for the artists involved.

The exhibition at Gallery 1 opens this Saturday and will unveil the work of Adalsteinsdottir, Deusa Blume, Martha Chaudhry, Jordi Fornies, Kanchana Gupta, Kathryn Kng, Justin Lee, George Liu Zhen, Patrick Ong, Sukeshi Sondhi and Grace Tan.

Today, we take a look at the work of Martha Chaudhry & Kanchana Gupta.

Martha Chaudhry, Backdrop 2016, mixed media installation,  UV digital print on savage sidetone seamless superwhite paper

Martha Chaudhry, I know you’re in there 2016, mixed media

The useless pursuit of shadows: A taxonomy of mists re-interpreted

“I explore the intimate in the universal, and the universal in the intimate. Through processes of fragmentation, appropriation, interjection and overlay, I re-classify the clouds and find the intersections between sky, clouds and memory. This personal taxonomy embraces shape-shifting and transience, obfuscation and revealing, and contemplates identity, memory, time and belonging.”

Kanchana Gupta, 2102106 (installation view) 2016, burnt and peeled layers of oil paint. Image: © 2016 Wugang

“My current research and practice involves the leftovers of painting and its remnants and traces. These remnants can be seen as fragments, pieces, residues, marks, imprints, edges, margins and fringes. Through a deconstruction and reconstruction of surfaces and traces, it asks what a fragment is, what it signifies, what to preserve and what to discard.”

MONO : A Dual Solo Exhibition by Aeropalmics & Chris Chai

Milk by Dawn Ang

Wandering by Lone Seabreakers by Dawn Ang

Majesty by Chris Chai

The Engine by Chris Chai

(from the press release)

In it’s first ever duo-solo show, Kult Gallery presents ‘MONO’, featuring a body of monochromatic work by two exciting young local artists, Aeropalmics (Dawn Ang) and Chris Chai. With similar sensibilities that manifest in different ways, both artists aim to showcase how traditional black and white imagery fits into the realm of contemporary art.

Primarily seen within the space of old-fashioned photography, monochromatic images evoke a certain intimacy as the muted palette heightens focus onto the chosen subject. Works displayed at Mono aims to capture the dramatic yet subtle intensity of a reality devoid of colour.

In the spirit of black and white, the adjacent and awesome folks at Kult Kafe will offer a special extended period of Happy Hour from 8pm to 9pm, for event-goers who are decked out in monochrome.

Aside from artwork, Mono will also feature projection mapping by audio visual collective, New Media Assembly (NMA) as well as music from 8pm to midnight by art and music collective, Good Times.

The exhibition will run from 22nd April to 3rd June at Kult.

MA Fine Arts Grads, Justin Lee & Sukeshi Sondhi

And the rest of such things presents final works and projects by 11 accomplished artists, graduating this year from LASALLE’s MA Fine Arts programme. Featuring a range of media including painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video, the exhibition highlights the intricacies and complexity of creative processes. The exhibition opens on 23 April and runs until 8 May at Gallery 1, Basement 1, LASALLE College of the Arts.

In the run up to the exhibition, we would like to introduce you to the work of graduates Justin Lee and Sukeshi Sondhi.

Justin Lee, Bundle of love 2016, 91 tin-cans, dimensions variable

Justin Lee, Second hand love series 1 2016, 377 tin-cans, 97 x 816 cm (overall)

“This installation comprises over 400 discarded tins of evaporated milk that I collected from hawker centres around Singapore. I was inspired by found objects that are very familiar to all of us, such as tin cans and cardboard from local housing estates. I’m interested in examining these everyday things that surround our living spaces, especially things that are neglected by people or no longer of valid use. Through observation, recollection and objectification of these found objects, I uncover a sub- culture embedded in modern Singapore.”

Sukeshi Sondhi, Untitled (Still I rise) 2016, fabric

Sukeshi Sondhi, Strike away chains of fear from the soul 2016, iron objects

“My current artistic practice is informed by gender, power, identity and domesticity through the location of the self and performativity of the everyday. My installations convey the invisible presence of the marginalised female.”


An Eight Characters Introductory System by Neo Xian Zhen

Nothing intrigues Neo Xian Zhen more than Chinese traditional practices and ideologies. ”My family believes strongly in upholding Chinese traditions. My mother once told me that she decided on my name after seeking the advice of a Bazi (Chinese Eight Characters) master.”

Her FYP titled An Eight Characters Introductory System serves to introduce the system of Chinese traditional study of one’s birth through a process of self­-discovery. “My project seeks to present the basic knowledge and rationale behind this complex study in a modern and relevant manner to intrigue the interest of the millennial generation who sees Chinese traditional eight characters as an old-fashioned and superstitious practice. The visual presentation adopts a system of study derived from the basic understanding of the Chinese ‘Eight Characters’ in hopes to provide users with both an experience and better knowledge of this practice.”

If your curiosity still isn’t satisfied, you can visit the ADM Show 2016 which runs from 6 through 15 May.

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