『Soar』by Choo Bin Yong

Kick your Monday blues to the kerb with a ride on a magical spring rider … yihaaaaaaaa!

『Soar』 is one of the submissions for the CelebrateSG50.com animation competition. Directed by Choo Bin Yong in collaboration with Audis Ho and Charlyn Too, the short tells the story about a little girl soaring over the iconic structures of Singapore on a magical spring rider.

Title design by Charles Hanson
Music by Audris Ho. Lyrics by Charlyn Too.
There’s No Place like Home存在的意义

Banner Shuffle: Marvin Tang

“Hidden from sight, small plots of gardens and plantations were formed secretly within the state-owned forested grounds of Singapore. Camouflaged by the thick foliage that surrounds them, their existence is only hinted at by hear-says of people coming out of the forest with pots and plants. Stateland documents these strange spaces that have appeared across the island, questioning their existence and the purpose they serve.” – Marvin Tang.

Watcherlust! The Team & Flats

The Team by Ray Pang and Ervin Han’s Flats makes up our third selection of viddsee SG50 movies.

The Team  is a short film about kids in Singapore who love soccer. Set in the 90s, when our national football team is made up of multi-racial players that bring glory to Singapore as a nation. It’s not about who we are, but what are we that matter.

In Flats (3 min), two siblings embark on an adventure through their HDB (Housing Board Development) estate after school. This film is a paean to our living Singapore landscape.

Passing by Victor Gui at Unseen//Unknown

Today we give you a sneak peek at the work of Victor Gui, one of the seven photographers participating in Unseen//Unknown which opens this Thursday at DECK.

Victor just graduated from his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Digital Imaging at Nanyang Technological University. His Passing photo-series explores the ways in which time is portrayed within a single frame. “My daily journey is recorded using a pinhole camera and condensed onto photosensitive paper to produce atmospheric and fleeting images that depict the passing of time.”

About the exhibition: “Drawing with Light – three simple words that mean so much. It entails photography’s lifeblood, the myriad of wonders it brings, yet the numerous burdens it had to bear. By immortalizing slices of time and fractions of a second, photography bears witness to history and recollection. It refuses to let us forget or look away, and makes no apologies for that. At the same time, it also treads the fine line between visibility and invisibility, seductively revealing what ordinarily lies hidden, and obscuring certain things from plain sight. The exhibition features the works of 7 photographers who have attempted, in various ways, to bring light to phenomenons that appear conspicuous but tend to be overlooked. Collectively, these images question not only the representation of illusion and reality in photography but also ourselves. How should we look? Should we find our own light? What happens after the dust settles? The answer, resides inwards.”

Unseen//Unknown opens Thursday at 7pm and runs through 16th August at DECK.

Watcherlust! Vicky and Singer

Our next two picks from viddsee‘s SG50 movie list are Royston Tan’s Vicky and Singer by Melinda Tan and Rachel Phua.

Royston Tan‘s Vicky (5 min) is filmed at one of the oldest playground in Singapore, the dragon playground. Two brothers dig their way through history in hopes to find their deceased hamster.

In Singer (3 min), a film by Melinda Tan and Rachel Phua, 10-year-old Meng nervously prepares for his debut solo singing performance at his school’s National Day skit. His part is to sing the rousing finale song but he has one problem: he can’t sing. Along the way, his family members try their best to support him in their own little ways. But when it’s time for him to take the stage, Meng finally learns what it takes to complete the song.

Watcherlust! The Violin by Ervin Han

We invited the viddsee crew to share some of the SG-50 commissioned films to watch over the National Day week-end, and we’re wasting no time in publishing our picks.

First up is a gorgeous 16-minute animation by Ervin Han (Robot Playground Media) titled The Violin. The film brings you on a nostalgic journey of nationhood and dreams – symbolically represented by the lyrical melodies of a violin – through times of birth, struggle, progress and modernisation …

(from The Violin website)

Circa late 1930s, Boat Quay, Singapore. A young boy receives an old violin as a gift out of kindness from a foreign trader. From then on, it becomes a treasured possession as he teaches himself to play the instrument over several years, until it was lost during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. After the war, the violin was found by a man working for the British Military Administration and given to his young daughter. The girl learns to play it and becomes a renowned violinist over the decades. She eventually passes the instrument on to her grandson, an accomplished violinist himself, who restores it and performs in a concert by the Singapore River, where the violin started its unexpected journey nearly 80 years ago.Throughout the film, the violin graces different stages of Singapore – both figuratively and literally – as we see a young nation’s landscape evolve from a bustling 1930s to the dark days of the Japanese Occupation, followed by the sweeping political changes that lead to its independence and finally, present day.

More next week!

Jonathan Meur, How To Build A Kite

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Following a full-house launch at the Substation last Saturday, French-Mauritian Singapore-based singer-songwriter Jonathan Meur officially released his first full-length album How To Build A Kite on Sunday 12 July. His first major release since the well-received Woodnotes EP in 2013, this collection of 10 all-new songs was recorded and mixed by local producer Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios with a line-up of international musicians. It includes duets with Weish ([.gif] and sub:shaman) and Australian singer-songwriter Gabriel Lynch.

The album is  available at jonathanmeur.bandcamp.com for streaming and download. It will also soon be made available on other online stores (including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify) as well as selected stores around Singapore.

Upcoming tour dates
22 Aug at Artistry
29 Aug at Lowercase
04 Sep at Books Actually
06 Sep at Hard Rock Cafe (Featured Artist)
12 Sep at library@esplanade (Featured Artist)
17 Oct at Hood Bar and Cafe (Saturday Original Sessions)

Gigs will be performed with support from Roman Tarassov of rock band Shades In Grey and rhythm duo Jandy. More dates to be added.

Spotted! Tang Ying Hui

YouTube Preview Image

“Calvin and Hobbes and Kampung Boy are two comics that have had a great impact on my work. There’s an affable charm to the characters in the comics and the story at hand, which I hope I am able to convey through my works.” says LASALLE 2D Animation Art  graduate Ying Hui.

“Animating is my main focus though. I tend to animate my characters’ movements in a slightly exaggerated manner when they move a lot, making their actions look wacky with a bit more elasticity to it so that the actions does not look too stiff. Hundreds of images are drawn to make a character move. But, after going through the different steps to animate it till the end, it feels satisfying to see the character finally come to life! That never fails to amaze me. Planning how your character moves gives depth to what personality it holds, which is a fun challenge to do when I animate. Currently, I am trying out animating in 3D. Though I still have a lot to learn, seeing the character model comes to life never fails to motivate me. Animating in both 2D and 3D has been a pleasure, but I definitely have a lot more to learn and hone my skills.”

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