Spotted! Nadia So

Nadia So-Clouds of thoughts

Nadia So-Green Invasion

Nadia So-Trampled

Nadia So-swimminginmyownthought

Nadia So-run run

Today’s charming series of work is the handiwork of Nadia So. Delving into the subconscious plays a large role in Nadia’s work, and encourages the viewers to explore their inner thoughts and to further discover their own identity.

View more of Nadia’s work on her website and Facebook page.


The Naiise x Noise Tote Bag Series

That's My Twin by Shannyn Chew

That’s My Twin by Shanlyn Chew

The Boundless Universe by Joyce Lee

The Boundless Universe by Joyce Lee

Seastuff by Adenyl Tan

Seastuff by Aderyl Tan

Red Panties by Cindy Bonita

Red Panties by Cindy Bonita

Bones by Evlyne Wong

Bones by Evelyne Wong

Bloom II by Joan Chong

Bloom II by Joan Chong

ABCS of a Toough Life by Clement Cher

ABC’s of a Toough Life by Clement Cher

Floating Singapore by Dezi

Floating Singapore by Dezi

Howl by Odelia Tang

Howl by Odelia Tang

You’re going to need to think of a really good reason not to buy one of these tote bags. The series is produced by Naiise in collaboration with Noise Singapore artists as part of the Naiise X Noise exclusive merchandise for Noise Singapore 2016.


The Very Wishing Story by Sum Qian Yu




Click here to watch the video.

Make sure to drop by the Night Festival on Queen Street to check out The Very Wishing Story, an installation created by Very Small Exhibition and Sum Qian Yu.

The Very Wishing Story is about a boy and a girl, each discovering a magical marble that opens up a new world of adventure.  At night the marble lights up. The boy and the girl flew out of their room, following the magical light marble. The boy comes to a fascinating forest with light balls and the girl arrives at an enchanted cave, with glittering balloons of all shapes and sizes, glowing in the dark. Together, they meet at the magical waterfalls, playing with the tiny light balls, forming light structures that they imagined out of their own minds. The narrative is the basis of the three-part The Very Wishing Story“; The Cave” at Supermama@SAM relates to the girl’s journey, “The Forest” at National Design Centre relates to the boy’s journey. Both journeys converge at a lighting installation, “The Waterfalls”, at Waterloo Artsplace, where the characters meet other children in the story and create a magical world together.”

The Very Wishing Story is available online or you can pick up a copy from Supermama @SAM.

Objects of Substate by State Property

Geroge Pavé

Holmes x George


Hudson 2

Timothy 3

Timothy 1

Timothy 2

“To us, objects are adornments of space, just as jewellery is adornment of the body.”

There are three things you need to know about State Property. First, the label was founded in 2014 by NUS trained Industrial Designer Afzal Imram and Central St. Martins trained Jeweller, Ruiyin Lin. Second, they have dropped their first collection. Third, the objects of the collection are conceptual representations of an idea the duo were curious about: “Jewellery breathed a certain way on the body, but where did they live removed from the context?”

“This was the question the objects of this collection answered. As a substitute for the canvas of the body, they function as an alternative museum to house their counterparts.”

You’ve got it. A statement-maker’s dream ! Shop the collection online or at selected retailers.

World of Wonders by Josephine Susanto





This project by Josephine Susanto encapsulates the subject of introversion. “World of Wonders tells a story about an introvert girl, Judy, and how she feels pressurised from the social expectations around her despite her being actually able to enjoy life in her own way.

The illustrations created uses symbolic and figurative meanings to deliver the message to the audience. Besides, the transition of colours from the beginning to the end of the publication are associated with Judy’s feelings to the world. They should be proud of their personality instead of being pressurised to change and conform to the norms and expectations.”


Spotted! Pixin






Inspired by her travels and adventures, Pixin‘s loose and effortless style complete with an on-point colour mix and a narrative, brings life to these everyday occurrences.

About her work: “I love to use the magic of art processes to connect with others. My city is known as the clean and green city, which is true. It is very clean. However, it also makes people crave perfection a little too much. That is why, my artworks uses a lot of recycled or discarded objects, as means of responding to the idea of perfection from where I come from. To me, it is imperfection itself that makes it the perfect state to be at, to be with. I use this approach in my art-making and in my perspective towards life too, as much as I can. The more I feel vulnerable, the more I remind myself: That is good, it means I am living, being myself and being human to another person.”

Beyond art-making, Pixin is working as an art therapist at The Open Centre, where she facilitates the development of children’s inner resources and well-being through psychotherapy-informed processes involved in play and art-making.


B O R D E R L E S S by Sziyi Tuan

borderless by sziyi-1

borderless by sziyi-2

borderless by sziyi-3

borderless by sziyi-4

borderless by sziyi-5

Childhood imaginations and the world of the imaginary as drawn by Sziyi Tuan, a final year undergraduate from NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. Sziyi’s work often has the atmosphere of dreams, imaginations and emotions, and attempts to connect the intangible with reality.

“B O R D E R L E S S challenges the norm of casting away the imaginary in our current society for its annotations of being ‘useless’ and ‘impractical’,” Sziyi explains. “By placing no boundaries on the choice of illustration style and imagination, the final work holds the hopes and dreams that were created in our mind when we were young.”

Click here to read more about the individual imaginations.

Listen! Paradise by TLCB


Photography by @mellowedhigh, Illustration by @oakandbindi

(from the press release)

Bursting from the success of the first single “YAYA” ­ sitting comfortably on the Spotify Singapore Viral 50, charting on 987 top 20 and building over 30K views on YouTube thus far, TLCB is ready to share his full length album, PARADISE.

Available for pre­order on itunes and going live on August 26th on all digital music platforms, PARADISE celebrates Singaporean stories born from love in a tougher place. Regardless if it’s making music in a humble home studio in bukit ho swee or falling in love when you least expect it, there’s a paradise to it all.

1. HRLY (Harry Lee)
2. YAYA feat Benjamin Kheng
3. Start Already / One Seven
4. New Bounce
5. Interlude feat Charlie Lim
6. Paradise feat Flightsch
7. My Way feat Gentle Bones, Flightsch
8. Decorate feat Aarika Lee
9. Not Over

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