The Arc Board, a one-upped skateboard

Ho Hung Yi, Toh Wei De, Tan Yong Sheng

Might as well push it to the max on the Arc Board, the world’s smallest and lightest electrical vehicle to get you anywhere and everywhere at a top speed of 25 km/h. Developed by Ho Hung Yi, Toh Wei De and Tan Yong Sheng, the board is designed to complement the public transportation system. Hung Yi tells me it is powerful enough to give an 18 km range per charge and small and light enough to be carried around with ease.

About the Team
Hung Yi graduated from the NUS Industrial Design Program, having worked his thesis project around the Last Mile Solution. While still working full-time as a sales manager at Procter & Gamble (Singapore), the Arc Board project started as a continuation of his thesis work, but has since moved in a much better direction than was originally planned. Wei De graduated from NUS in Mechanical Engineering with a strong passion for innovating and creating new products. The Lead Engineer at XYZ Printing, Wei De started the development of the Da Vinci 3D Printer, which has since become the market leader in the 3D printing industry. Yong Sheng graduated from Loughborough University (UK) with a degree in Sports Science with Management. He runs his own investment company, and has also started the Anytime Fitness Gym at Kallang Wave Mall. Yong Sheng provides fresh perspectives on running an effective business, and helps to keep the Arc Boards Team on level ground and moving forward constantly.

Pre-order your Arc Board at now and receive a pre-order bundle which includes a helmet, t-shirts and spare accessories. Super-early pre-order customers get an extra battery charger and a backpack for the Arc Board.

To Live and Let Live by Kevin Fee

Each and Every at DECK presents the work of thirteen emerging photographers, and the reflections of their individual experimentations within the photographic medium.

Visual Artist Kevin Fee was selected for the show, and impresses with his project, To Live and Let Live.

“Conflicts, man-made or not, are always occurring around us. They exist when two or more different opposing interests collide – when one party refuses to accommodate the other interest, or when one party forces an accommodation from the other, sometimes disguised as a compromisation. To live and let live is a series of conflicting relationships that are applied abruptly onto objects – the same way that conflicts can occur spontaneously, and unreasonably, in our surroundings. It is an exploration of conflicts while questioning the influence of the need for compromisations, and if refusing to accommodate is necessarily always at fault.”

Catch the exhibition before it closes on Sunday!

Something Other Than The Absence Of Sound by Audrey Tay

Audrey Tay is currently showing a series called “Something Other Than The Absence Of Sound” at the Each and Every exhibition at DECK. The work is a moving image installation derived from a desire to seek for silence amidst the overwhelming and chaotic rhythm of a modern city life.

“The need to survive in this developing world calls for constant movement and activity. Silence has thus become an elusive “commodity” of sorts, for those looking for a quiet respite in this saturated world. This project is an attempt to recreate different experiences that have been inspired by my explorations of certain aspects of silences we encounter in our everyday lives.

In the process of this project, I was particularly intrigued with the notion of said silences being a paradoxical element, in which they exist as both absence and presence. The idea of silence as a form of non-verbal communication is also explored, in which hand gestures of different meanings move in a performative manner. By choosing to deviate from the original intended medium (still photography) and deciding to explore video art instead, the aim was to create an installation in which viewers enter and encounter the silences portrayed in this project, thus experiencing a quiet moment distinct from the noise and chaos that permeates our daily lives.”

Each and Every runs until 31 July at DECK.

The Thought Of Nothing by Pang Yun Jing

Pang Yun Jing is a graduating photography major from NTU, School of Art, Design and Media. She is a conceptual photographer who constantly seeks means to visualise intangibility. “Manifesting abstract concepts as visuals is my way of negotiating meanings. My works are often indulgences of a long string of philosophical and social contemplations.”

The Thought Of Nothing  is her Final Year Project and “highlights how nothingness can be found hidden within every day’s mundaneness and questions our obsession with translating time into productivity.” Yun Jing continues: “Conceived from my existential contemplation on nothingness and my desire to escape the daily bustle of life, documents my pursuit of this nothingness through tedious and monotonous tasks involving ordinary objects. Within this, I seek mental catharsis and experiential exploration through the embodiment of an empty mind.”

The Thought of Nothing is part of the Each and Every exhibition which opens tomorrow at DECK.

Spotted! Pete Tong

Pete Tong recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication at NTU ADM, and for his FYP he decided to refresh OKTO’s identity based around the idea of a kids-only channel.

“OKTO is the free-to-air channel in Singapore that focuses on children, arts and local live sports programmes. With a wide target audience, the channel faces problems like the lack of a cohesive positioning, a weak identity and a brand architecture that is cluttered. The eventual goal of rebranding OKTO is to create an all-kids channel brand that is under the umbrella of channels within Media Corp. The brand believes in empowering children in a spontaneous and creative space for them to express themselves fully.”

LEVI’S X ATTAGIRL Custom Jackets







LEVI’S SINGAPORE tapped six female artists to put a creative spin on their denim jacket. Featuring bold colors and fun graphics the jackets by artists ANNUENDO, LOVAGE, MIGHTYELLOW, MRYDETTE, OAK & BINDI and SKL0  sold out on Stratosphere in no time, with proceeds going to Andrew & Grace Home (AG HOME), a shelter for troubled teenage girls in the community.

You can eyeball the jackets during ATTAGIRL’s 3rd anniversary party on 30 July at BluJaz Café. Click here for full details of this event.

Spotted! Ron Lin

Ron Lin started putting work on Instagram early 2014. Taking inspiration from music, his account is regularly updated with pieces that illustrate song lyrics, “especially Mandopop where Chinese, as pictographs, are really fun to meddle with.” 

Ron is working in a Digital Advertising Agency, where he does site design and produces campaigns. “It was only when I entered the workforce in late 2013, that I started to curate my Instagram feed, basically to keep myself sane from the daily grind. In 2014, it was mainly nature-related content tweaked to the cyan and turquoise hue. But there were too many constraints keeping to that theme. In 2015, I started the 3×3 grid which allowed me to refresh the theme for each series. It also enabled me to accommodate more memorable moments involving my friends. 2016, and I’m still churning out series, sticking  to rows of colours, forming a rainbow spread.”

Worth a follow!



C I N D E R 灰

2PoachedEggs Design Studio and Anastasia By Raine have dropped an accessory collection with an interesting take on the famous fairy tale, Cinderella.

“This capsule signifies a collaboration that defies the societal views on ‘standard mix of elements and materials’. We often perceive satin as the feminine one, gold as a symbol of old, and leather being too masculine and brown. Who would have thought that these three distinctively different elements can complement one another so well? The story of Cinderella has so much of elements that inspire us in today’s modernity. The stroke of midnight resulted in a dramatic gold element on satin black elegance. The timeless and feminine beauty of Cinderella gave the inspiration of a classic clutch, this time giving it a rebel and romantic twist with the combination of leather and satin.”

Click here to shop the collection.

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