Spotted! Dione Lee

Dione Lee is recent graduate from the visual arts faculty of the School of the Arts Singapore. She is interested in the recurring intimate conversations in your living room, the everyday repetitions of overused timetables, and the songs that get stuck in your head, over-played, and thrown out.

“My works revolve around a sensitivity toward both the modern “nomenclature” of repetition and my own personal everyday routines, which perhaps ultimately progress toward a sense of closure in my exploration of what it means to live each day in our contemporary world.”

Dione also has a strong avidity for the literary arts and is working on a series of short stories for self-publication.

Chewy Toons and the Adventures of Santa Coo

Previously known as Chewy Chewy World, Chewy Toons is a collab between Simple Reels and SmallGuyDoodle and follows the adventures of Santa Coo and Coobot as they explore the vast universe … Enjoy!

#nicoshootsthewild by Nico Tan

Nico Tan is a BFA in Visual Communication graduate who believes that visual communication goes beyond aesthetics, and good designs are well-crafted experiences. Apart from design, she enjoys basking in the beauty of nature.

‘nicoshootsthewild’ is a project documenting Nico’s wildlife encounters as she journeys around Singapore.  “In the hustle and bustle of city life, we often forget that we share our urban jungle with creatures of the wild. We allow the fuss of daily life stop us from experiencing nature’s modest charm. Each encounter is a moment in between life’s routine, filled with wonder and serenity.”

“Let your feet slow down and your eyes wander for you never know when is your next wild encounter.”

The Golden Ticket by Indigold & Of Trying Times

Pixie from Of Trying Times and Indigold‘s Lisa Lee met at The Local People night market in Chinatown where they decided to collab on a 4-dimensional Christmas jewel candle gift bundle.

Lisa: “Inspired by the concept of the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, imagine opening up a gift to find your own golden ticket. The Golden Amber scented candle is adorned with a beautifully hand-marbled resin necklace designed by Pixie. To retrieve your necklace, you have to light the candle which slowly melts away to a gold sachet. Peel off the layers of foil and you’ll find the rest of your necklace.”

Only 12 pieces will be made, and they are now available for pre-oder on HAYSTAKT.

Caracal drops second album!

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

Earlier this month, post-hardcore/alternative rock band Caracal released the music video of the lead single and title track off its new studio LP ‘Welcome The Ironists’. The single is a blistering opener that showcases the band’s trademark riotous guitars and powerful vocals over hard-hitting drums.

The title track is also the first of 10 songs that unfold over a well-paced mix of fast, aggressive numbers and stomping slow-burners, telling a gritty story of hard lessons and tempered hope.

With this second full-length effort, the band has managed to capture on record the essence of its live displays – sweat-drenched, ferocious and emotionally-draining – a trademark that has won them a deeply loyal fanbase across Asia and beyond. Packed with colossal riffs, catchy melodies and epic choruses, ‘Welcome The Ironists’ aims to reach out to listeners of Thrice, Norma Jean, Brand New, Envy On The Coast and Foo Fighters.

God Damn Tree is a dirty number with an expertly conducted loud-soft dynamic, that prods menacingly along in the vein of Brand New, while shreds of Refused can be heard in the riotous call-to-arms anthem Entrepreneur. Naga is a slow-burning monster of a track, laid in A# tuning with a host of memorable guitar lines and riffs, before a group chorus erupts into an instrumental catharsis.

‘Welcome The Ironists’ will be available on CD, Vinyl, iTunes and all digital stores worldwide from 18 December.

The CAVALIER collection for Little People

Creative husband and wife duo, Angela Chong and Perry Lam (CAVALIER), serve up fun, fresh and free-spirited swag that is sure to make any kid the hippest in the halls.

With their debut collection they carve out an über cool identity with statement pieces including a little black dress with brazen rocker hand appliquéd pockets, drop-crotch jogger pants with signature diamond logo knee caps and a circle skirt sprinkled with 18 logo woven damask ribbons.

“Our collection is sparked by the thrill of kids playing dress-up in their parents’ closets and the vision to clothe little sartorial people. It was an actualisation of the perfect shirt or outfit we would wear ourselves that developed into ‘sartorial streetwear’ – a versatile, functional collection for the little ones, perfect for a formal fête or to conquer the playground in. Each piece is a statement, with design quirks and interesting details that are often inspired by childhood memories like the Dora Dress – a classic little black dress with an impish twist in the form of ‘rocker hand’ appliquéd pockets or the D-Shirt – a hooded tee-shirt meant to be worn pulled over the head, just the way kids would anyway.”

CAVALIER has also inserted a charity capsule designed for 3 kids of close friends, Luke, Jamie and Sarah.  Luke’s shirt is a show-and-tell of how to wear your heart on your sleeve and Jamie’s bermudas feature a pocket flap disguised as a hanging book so that he will never be far from his love of reading. The kids will be selecting charities of their own to receive SGD37 from every piece available for sale.

The CAVALIER Kids collection is available online and at Nana & Bird.

Spotted! Jeremy Tan

Jeremy Tan is currently pursuing his BFA at the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. He is inspired by process and workspaces, and is drawn to natural history and botanical illustrations. Jeremy counts Hergé, Tove Jansson, and breakfast-time as massive influences on his work.

“I’ve been working on involving more people and colour in my work. These four I’ve chosen are my more recent works – some spot illustrations and a full-spread one for a magazine project, a wedding invitation and a page from my sketchbook. I’ve mostly worked only in black ink before, but I’ve been practising and trying to clean up my line work a lot, and my subjects formed simpler shapes that made it a lot easier to involve colouring. I don’t really have much of a game-plan, career-wise. I enjoy drawing things, and enjoy working on getting better at it. I enjoy graphic design too, and am studying and working on getting better at that.”

Exhib: Eugene Soh’s Renaissance City

(from the press release)

Eugene Soh’s images parody iconic works of art while providing a tongue-in-cheek commentary on contemporary life in Singapore. The many elements and characters in these works represent multiple narratives within a distinctly Singaporean context.

Shot over multiple sessions, Soh’s latest work A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Singapore was created in collaboration with Campus Magazine as an homage to Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte, by Georges Seurat. Like his previous photo composite works, all the models in the image were average everyday people, present on various Sunday afternoons, enjoying a weekend outing at Upper Pierce Reservoir. With elements of everyday life alongside uniquely Singaporean imagery, it’s another new take on an old classic. As Soh states, “Many things have changed since the 19th century when the original Sunday Afternoon was painted. I wanted to address those changes while reflecting upon current social developments and create an image that is recognisably Singaporean.”

Renaissance City runs from 11 December  until 4 January 2015 at Chan Hampe Galleries, Raffles Hotel Arcade. The exhibition is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am – 7pm. Admission is free.

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