Banner Shuffle: Cherngzhi Lian

“My HDB Series The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is the public housing authority of Singapore, and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. Its ubiquity can be witnessed by anyone who has ever been to Singapore. As one of the most densely populated cities of the world, HDB flats are an architectural and visual manifestation of this phenomenon. Established 1960, the HDB provides hygienic and comfortable living spaces to more than 80% of Singaporean citizens. The nine paintings in the series were painted at my parents’ HDB flat in Bukit Batok, a town I grew up in and am most familiar with. When I first decided to make a series of paintings, but was unsure of what to paint, the suburban neighborhood of Bukit Batok instinctively became my subject. Personally, I see HDB flats as the most genuine representation of the Singapore landscape. Its colorful dominance, together with its rigid structural layout, reflects the cultural identity of Singapore. My paintings emphasize the tranquility found within my neighborhood. From the corridor gardens of my neighbors to the wealth of colors in my void deck, nothing is simple when it comes to the colors of an HDB flat. The external walls of HDB flats are extensively painted with intense, warm chromatic hues. As I painted this series, I could not help but wonder whether the colors were applied with the same purpose as in mental hospitals, where warm chromatic hues are painted on the interiors to energize depressive patients. Of the nine paintings, one is not set in Bukit Batok, and instead sets up a comparison between a small cluster of HDB flats against Reflections at Keppel Bay, one of the most expensive private apartments in Singapore.All nine paintings were completed in acrylic, a medium I found most suitable for the subject and least hazardous to work within a small and compact HDB flat.” – Cherngzhi Lian.

Event! Poems about Chaos

A unique event to look out for in the Esplanade Late Nite Series is Poems and Chaos, pairing up Bani Haykal (B-Quartet) and Darren Ng (sonicbrat).

“Collisions, chance and coincidences; these seemingly innocent actions are ingredients for happy accidents or an indelible mess. Poems About Chaos is a dialogue between Bani and Darren on sonic probabilities that arise from a confluence of compositions, improvisations and installations.”

31 October, 9.30pm at the Esplanade Recital Studio. You can buy your tickets here.

Project Plug: The Arctic Series

The designers at Hug a Porcupine always entertain us with their funky brooches. With their new collection, they lure us into winter with a set of seven brooches reflecting the icy cold white and blue hues of the Arctic waters.


Step into ‘Mysteria Garden’

YouTube Preview Image

Honestly, I don’t give two hoots about gaming. Probably because I grew up in a Mysteria kind of Garden, a world where you roam around in packs with other kids doing fun and (mostly) forbidden things (trust me, you don’t want to know).

Released yesterday for your eyeballing pleasure is Mysteria Garden, the story of a die-hard gamer who steps into a whimsical garden where he meets the mini me …

“In the world of this boy, only one thing mattered – his game console. He couldn’t care less, even if the real world swallowed him whole. As long as he has his precious game console. The day comes when he will make a friend – a real friend. When he gets dropped off at a garden called Mysteria. And there he learnt about more than what he could get from his game console, a real friend. A real friend with a story left untold …​”

The animated film is the Final Year project of five Nanyang Polytechnic students  made up of Justin Lee, Remus Low, Ivan Yeo, Aflred Ng and Sathees Kumar, and took three months to complete. Lovely stuff!

LINEATH drops GroundWorks

YouTube Preview Image

(from the press release)

This Saturday, young Singaporean beat maker and producer, LINEATH will be releasing his 5-track solo EP. The EP has been lovingly put together with the guidance of his mentor, music producer Don Richmond. All five tracks have been written, produced, mixed and mastered by LINEATH.

The lead single from the EP is ‘Rumble’. It’s a rowdy, up-tempo and rudely driven song. Crossing between English and Tamil, the lyrics touch on personal matters, “re-introducing” LINEATH as a rapper and also showing a glimpse of his full potential as a beat maker.

The other 2 standout tunes ‘Ratchet Girl’ and ‘Australia’ are intertwined as both songs revolve around the same topic. ‘Ratchet Girl’ has that pop, Hip–Hop and EDM vibe running throughout the entire song. That particular style sums up the entire EP. Starting off with a Hip-Hop beat, it morphs to a pop chorus, creaking down to a Trap drop. ‘Australia’, on the other hand, was supposed to be a simple 20 seconds interlude after ‘Ratchet Girl’ which took on a new life, evolving into a new song. The 20-year old producer shares, “One thing I really love about this song is that it’s a really fun song to play live!” ‘Can’t Wait’ features a killer scratch routine from fellow Grizzle Grind Crew mate DJ LeNERD, winner of Live Mix Maestro 2013.

LINEATH (short for Lineath Rajendran) started off as a self taught beat maker back in 2007 when he was just 14. In 2009, he started producing for a couple of his friends which were featured on their mixtapes. LINEATH released Solo Medley, a collection of songs back in 2011 with lyrics that were deep and beats that were equally as heavy, thus quickly earning him attention from the local scene. In December 2012, he had his first sold out performance in the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre when he was shortlisted as one of the solo vocalists for Childaid 2012. He was also featured on the Home Section of the Straits Times newspaper and on Tabla! Magazine. 2014 has nonetheless been an amazing year for LINEATH. He produced the theme song for Jack Neo’s latest movie “The Lion Men” together with fellow Grizzle Grind Crew mate Tosh Rock. He produced another 2 more tracks for the movie.

Ground Works can be bought via, iTunes and be found on most music streaming sites.

Movement. Art by Chow Chee Yong & Yang Jie

(from the press release)

Movement is an exhibition which showcases two local artists. Featuring the photographic series ‘Light Trails’ by renowned photographer, Chow Chee Yong, and installations by up and coming conceptual installation artist Yang Jie, entitled ‘Pendulamp’ and ‘Astrolabe’. Brought together for the first time, their works create a contemplative and whimsical environment. Chow Chee Yong’s documentation of the lives of inanimate objects in the night is both quiet and stark, capturing the movement of cranes, slowly painting the night sky. Yang Jie’s Installation pieces prompt you to interact with them, reacting to every touch. His work reminds us of the never ending movements in the world around us, and how we play a part in it.

The exhibition opens on 26 September and runs till 8 October. Venue: Canvas Singapore, 20 Upper Circular Road – The Riverwalk #B1-01/06.

Architectural Decoration: Negotiating Symbols Across Time & Place

I don’t think it’d be an exaggeration to claim that I was bowled over when Basheer posted these images on their Facebook page. And when you come across something truly special, it deserves digging a little deeper.

Multidisciplinary designer Jesvin Yeo is responsible for this  beautifully constructed ‘architectural decoration’ which just won her the Red Dot award in the category of Communication Design. Here is Jesvin on her project.

“This special publication is an introductory book to the symbolic images of Hokkien architectural-style temples. This book combines illustrations and incisive write-up about particular symbols with representative images from three century-old temples built from 1800s to 1900s. Each  write-up explains the meaning and mythology behind the symbolic images, as well as the setting and the materials of these symbolic images.

To enhance the value of these cultural images as they display our ancestor’s expectations and pursuits of beautiful things, this book is deliberately made in the format of traditional bamboo scroll, which allows for the depiction of a continuous narrative: the viewing is a progression through time and space.

This book aims to serves as a platform for better understanding of culture material and to stimulate interest of the younger generations. This book uses 225 bamboo strips and is the longest bamboo scroll book in Singapore, measuring 4.35 meter long. Due to the handwork, each book took about 5 days to finish. This bamboo scroll book is a combination of both new technology and old material; where past and present are in continuous dialogue.”

Architectural Decoration: Negotiating Symbols Across Time & Place is available in limited edition, so if you want one you’d best pop by Basheer Graphic Books at once.

Spotted! Tok Xue Yi

An undergrad at Nanyang Technological University Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Animation), Tok Xue Yi is a creative octopus with a practice that stretches all the way across Illustration, Fine Art, Photography and Animation. Xue Yi is also the singer of The Huckleberry Friends.

“I am interested in the exploration of varied styles and forms of visual representation. I believe that a good image is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also conceptually strong and functional.”

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